Yes! Drum roll please because it’s time again to show you what our LGFG Fashion House Executive Clothiers have been up to! Since our clothiers work worldwide, unfortunately, we just don’t have the space here to show each of their work, but we will choose 3 from each month. So let’s see who managed to get to be best suits of April.


Sam Speranini

Sam Speranini from Global Markets Tech Finance Consulting got ready for the new season ahead with a new suit. He chose a dark navy suit from LGFG Fashion House London line. Such a great option for a business suit! He likes to style it with a crisp white shirt and classic black shoes. The purple pocket square adds extra style points and highlights the checks on the suit very well. Sam’s clothier is Aiva Ozolina.


Dean O’Rourke

Dean O’Rourke from ABN Group also got a navy suit that he preferred to wear with white shirt and a purple patterned pocket square. His suit is from LGFG Fashion House Paris line. Dean’s tailor is Maiko Mathiesen. And no – Maiko’s suits don’t come with matching flowers. 🙂


Sean Greaves

Sean Greaves from State Street is looking sharp in his first LGFG Fashion House suit! He chose his first suit to be charcoal grey. A burgundy coloured tie is the perfect match with a grey suit! His suit is from our Performance line – but it wasn’t his last suit. Sean now ordered four more suits from LGFG Fashion House! His tailor is Daryl Rivera.

How to match suits and shoes

It’s something that we do everyday. We wake up, we do our morning routine and when we leave our house, we pick shoes to match our clothing. Sounds simple, right? However, many people don’t have a clue how to match items correctly (Hey – that’s why stylists exist).

For example – people tend to think that black is a universal color and that black shoes match with everything. Well, wrong. Can you actually imagine black shoes with brown suits? They do not match well. There are 3 main colors for shoes (that every man should have in their wardrobe at least): black, brown and oxblood/burgundy. But they don’t just go with any of the 5 main colors for suits: navy blue, light or medium-grey, charcoal grey, brown and black. The wrong shoe can ruin even the best suit. So we are here to let you know the right color combinations:

1. Navy blue suits: Goes with black, brown and oxblood/burgundy. Yes, this is the one suit color that goes with all the main shoe colors.


2. Light/Medium-grey suits: Goes with black, brown and oxblood/burgundy. Grey suits are less formal than blue suits, but they’re equal in terms of flexibility. You can pair them effectively with all three shoe colors.

3. Charcoal grey suits: Goes with black and oxblood/burgundy shoes. Avoid brown! Charcoal grey is a color that’s almost as versatile as navy blue. But, brown leather shoes just don’t match as well. It’s because brown is naturally less formal than the other two and the contrast created between brown and charcoal grey (which is similar to black) is quite stark.

4. Brown suits: Goes with brown and oxblood/burgundy. Avoid black. Brown suits go with most brown shoes until the shoes are darker than the suit. It’s the simple contrast that makes it look good. The reason why black is a no-go is the same reason charcoal grey doesn’t go with brown shoes. Those pairings just “clash” a little too much.

5. Black suits: Goes with black. Avoid brown and oxblood/burgundy. A pure black suit is the least flexible. Only pair a black suit with black shoes. Any other shoe color will look too casual with it. But, a black suit is never meant for casual occasions.

Suits for graduation

We have written blog posts about suits that every man should own, suits that work the best to business environment, and suits that look the best on older gents. However, we have totally forgotten young men. Why so? Because graduations are actually the events where many young men get their first suit! And, on that note, guys in their early twenties are already fully grown to be purchasing a proper suit. So, it’s the best time to start looking for a personal tailor.


After all your hard work, you deserve to look good on your graduation day. And yes, we totally get that a tailor made suit can sometimes be expensive for guys who are just graduating and not earning money of their own, so that’s why we think that a nice tailor made suit could be the best present for a graduating child. This is the time when most of them are starting a career of their own and what would be better than go to your first job interviews wearing a nice suit. Of course the suit shouldn’t be too flashy, so we are here to give you some advice about the first suit that a young man should get.

Skip the flashy patterns and bright colors. The best option is to be classical yet chic. The most classical combo is a crisp white shirt, a dark suit, and don’t forget polished shoes and a matching tie. The tie is the place where you can have some color to make your suit look interesting, but it’s totally up to you if you’d like to wear a matching suit or mix and match your jacket and trousers. A matching suit will give a more formal vibe but you can mix up the colors and shades if you want to leave a lasting effect.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, skip the white shirt and go for pastels – light blue or pink are the best options. These will add color and texture to your look, making it more of an eye catcher. Don’t wear a black shirt – these are more for casual shirts or the funerals. You want to keep it bright and cheerful.

If wearing a tie is really not your thing, then skip it, but you should definitely wear a buttoned shirt. And, if you skip the tie, then maybe opt for a pocket square to add a festive touch.

For a young man, the best option usually is a slim fit suit. It’ll emulate a young style and can take you straight from the stage to a celebration in a restaurant or a pub. It also works great in a business environment as well. But this is something that you can consult with your tailor.

The point is you should look as formal as possible without compromising your style. If you are not sure how you’d like to look or style is something you couldn’t care less about, then contacting a tailor is best possible solution: they know what fits the best to your body type, can give excellent style advice, and they also know the etiquette. Find your personal tailor here:


Photos: Marzoni lookbook


It’s time to reveal the best suits of March. And, as the Spring is here and the colors around us are getting brighter everyday, the best suits of March were chosen by color as well. It seems that our clients have discovered royal blue this Spring. And what a great option it is! A blue suit is as classic as a white or grey. These three colors should be the base of a man’s suit wardrobe. The essentials as some people like to say. So, let’s see how our clients chose to style their blue suits!

Mathew Chamberlain from Perth, Australia awards himself this Spring for all his hard work with a new bespoke suit from the LGFG Fashion House Paris line. And his styling is very chic – brown leather matches perfectly with your navy blue suit. A purple pocket square adds some extra color. And, instead of classic white shirt, Mathew chose a striped one also from our Paris line, which is a great style touch – he is ready for Spring!

Marc Reardon from Halifax, Canada is another gentleman who knows you can never go wrong with a solid royal blue suit. Marc also chose a suit from our LGFG Fashion House Paris line. He wore his new bespoke suit with a blue shirt a few shades lighter and a burgundy tie. Yes – burgundy is another color that adds cool notes to your blue suit. Marc’s tailor is Andrew McArthur.

Madis Kollo from Tallinn, Estonia is looking sharp in his new bespoke cobalt suit. His suit is from our White Label Technical line and the material is stretch – that adds a lot of comfort. Madis wanted a slim fit suit; an excellent choice for summer! His tailor is Laura Meimer.

Now let’s wait and see what April has coming for our clients.

Style rules for older gentlemen

Although everyone is trying to be forever young and living by the YOLO motto (You Only Live Once), we must admit that aging means some changes in our lives. And, wether we want it or not, it’ll affect the style rules as well. I must say that I think it’s far more difficult for women. Of course we are all afraid of the wrinkles and grey hair – but grey hair can look oh so very good on a gentleman wearing a classy suit. But females – no, we are the ones running to the hair stylist after a single grey hair. The same goes for style rules: women think about which colours they should be wearing when they’re not in their 30’s anymore. Is pink too much? What about the length of the skirt? Mini is definitely too much, or not? Can we show some knees at least? So yes, these things are far more simpler for a man. But they still have some rules. Or maybe rules are too harsh, maybe we’d call them some style advice to follow after reaching a certain age where you are not a boy anymore (yes – we all know men will always be boys from the inside but style is an outside job right?).

* As we’ve already said, grey can look amazingly good on men and we are not only talking about suits. Just take a look at George Clooney. Grey hair has never stopped him for being the man crush for almost half of the women on this planet. So why not emphasise your grey hair? It will goes perfectly with a blue suit!

* Avoid skinny jeans. Even if you are skinny they will look ridiculous on you. Remember – slim fit and skinny is not the same. You don’t need to start wearing saggy clothes. You just don’t want to look like one of the One Direction singers.

* Stay true to your style. If you’ve liked your look a bit edgy then don’t lose it. It’s perfectly fine for older men to wear their jeans with blazers. By all means, adapt it to fit with your touch of grey.

* Logo t-shirts are unfortunately a no-go for older gents. Big logos and messages on your chest will look desperate if you are already above fifty.

* The same goes for white running shoes. It just won’t look good if you wear them when not doing sports.

* Select good, unpretentious shoes and a solid colour button-down shirt. If you’re in the mood, a subtle patterned tie is always appropriate and will pull your look together.

* A bit longer hair can look cool on a older gentleman (look Brad Pitt!) but skip the pony tail. If you still have hair, keep in mind – anything that ties in the back should not even be an option.

* If you didn’t take your style very seriously when you were younger then this is the time to start making sure that your clothes fit right. And a gentleman who takes himself seriously knows that the best way to do it is having your own personal tailor. By the age 50, every man should own at least one tailor-made suit that fits him perfectly.

* And last but not least – at that solid age, always choose quality over quantity.

Greet the Spring in stripes and squares

Now that the Spring is officially here, it’s time to check the fashion trends this Spring brings us. So, let’s check what we have seen in these famous and stylish fashion weeks and maybe we’ll give you some inspiration for the next visit with your tailor!

1. Squares

This is the season of squares! From windowpanes to Prince of Wales checks, squares were all over the shows this season. Squares were mostly seen on tailoring and outerwear. Squares started their huge comeback with pinstripe revival a few seasons ago. Now the star is windowpane, and it will continue to rule the tailoring world for the next few years. Get on the trend now to avoid the rush!

2. Camouflage

You wouldn’t actually say that camouflage is a trend. It has become a classic already – just like maritime theme or flowers for females. Camouflage was presented on the stages of Dsquared2, Givenchy and Valentino male fashion shows. So what about suits you ask? No, we wouldn’t actually recommend you getting a camouflage patterned suit, but a lining like that is something that can add a cool touch to your suit. For example, LGFG Fashion House has a great purple coloured lining to choose.

LGFG Fashion House camouflage lining

3. Lightweight coat

We admit you wouldn’t count that one as an trend. That is a practical thing we need but there are different styles and colour schemes that vary in different seasons. Your LGFG Fashion House tailor can also help you out in this case. The current trend is natural colors and neutrals, adding in some notes from blue and red. These colors were spotted on Versace and Lou Dalton.

Lightweight coat as seen on Versace men’s show 2017

4. Looser suits

Yes, the slim fit trend is starting to change and you will notice some looser fits on the stages of the big fashion house collections. It’s the first time since the 1980’s the tailoring is getting loose again! Can you imagine? I remember from my childhood when I said out loud I would never wear skinny jeans and pointy toed shoes that my mom used to wear when she was younger. Guess what I have been wearing for the past few years now? So yes, the change is strange at first but step by step the whole world is getting used to it and so will you. The switch from skinny and slim suiting to something looser was seen at Balenciaga, Tomas Maier and Bottega Veneta. From their collections, you will notice a broader-shouldered silhouette as well.

Bottega Veneta vision for summer suits this season

5. Pastels

This Spring, many designers have apparently gotten inspiration from ice cream – from sky blue to soft tangerine, coral to lemon sherbet. Yes, it’s all about pastels that have made a serious comeback from the Miami Vice days. But those barely there colours are actually an interesting option to the all white look that many men like to practise during summertime festive events. But skip the pastels if your skin is very pale. In this case, still choose the earth-tones. Pastels were seen on Hopman Design, Christopher Shannon and Gucci. NB! Pastel pink was the most popular.

Pastel colour combinations were seen on Gucci men’s show 2017

Best suits of February

With March already in full speed, we are here to show you what our fantastic executive clothiers have been up to in previous months. We don’t want to make a throwback to Winter but then you wouldn’t get to see these beautiful suits made for the gentlemen of this world; we wouldn’t want you to miss that. So here you are, look at these brand new tailor made suits and their proud owners. Enjoy!



Tobias Wagner from PostNord looks great in his new LGFG Fashion House blue sharkskin suit from our Performance line. Tobias chose to wear his suit casually without a tie but with a stylish crisp white shirt. As a true business man who has an eye for details, he added a purple pocket square to match the blue tone of the suit. Tobias’ tailor is Chris Uibopuu.



Roger Young is the Head of Strategic Development at RBC, and what an elegant and perfectly fitting suit for his first LGFG Fashion House purchase. The suit is from our Technical line and looks absolutely chic together with a white classic LGFG shirt. Roger’s tailor is Emma Whitehall.



Daniel de Paula from Deloitte received an awesome new blue pinstripe 3-piece suit. A 3-piece suit is always an elegant and super classy choice! Daniel’s suit is from our Paris line and fits him perfectly! He matched the suit with bordeaux toned tie- great choice! Daniel’s tailor is Jörgen Remmelkoor.

Now that you’ve seen these amazing suits, hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for Spring. We can’t wait to show you the new bespoke suits that are almost ready to meet their owners. Stay tuned!

Check suits? Check!

Thank god February is such a short month, and good news, in a few weeks Spring officially starts! Spring is a great time to make some changes in our wardrobe. There is spring cleaning and, of course, shopping, since it is the best time to add something new to your wardrobe. So, why not cheer up with some color in your wardrobe. When talking about suits, checks are definitely in this spring!
A check suit is a perfect option for everyone – you can have your suit made really colourful with a bold pattern or you can choose modest colours for your suit, but make it shine with a colourful lining that only you (and well, maybe some closest people also) know exists. This option is good for those working in an office with a bit of strict dress code.
Some people might feel they need to be a bit careful with checked suits, but there is actually no reason to be. Check style is a casual and simple way to lift a look and stand out from the crowd. So yes, wearing checks will lead to you being checked out more, which means you should totally be comfortable in your suit. So, how to choose the perfect one for you? We’ll give you some tips:
* Go for a print you’re comfortable with. If patterns are new to your wardrobe, start with the classic: a solid Prince of Wales check suit in a natural shade of navy or grey is a good place to start. If you like to be seen and noticed – go for the bold prints.
* Don’t be scared. The beauty of a check suit lies in simplicity. It’s actually really hard to go wrong with these. The number one and easiest rule is that all checked suits need a muted, tonal piece to go with it- an understated shirt, tie and formal lace-ups add a clean finish. You can’t go wrong with that. Mixing different patterns need more knowledge. So start simple.
* Combine! Wearing a full check suit is very stylish and festive. But if you need a more casual style, separate your suit. Try to wear your blazer with jeans, or your checked pants with a crisp shirt or comfy turtleneck. It looks casual without losing elegance!
* New trends come and go but checks are timeless. They will never go out of style, but will always make a statement.  So, treat it as an investment purchase.
Why not to be bold and opt for a check suit this season? Get some inspiration from these pictures:
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.07.15
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.09.57
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.09.41Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.07.42
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.08.03
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.07.27
Check Mate!
(Photos from Marzoni Lookbook)

The ABC of looking like a gentleman

For many, dressing like a man who looks like he just walked out of a “Mad Men” set can very well be the definition of a gentleman. But, looking dapper in a bespoke suit doesn’t always equate to being a gentleman, as we also need to see chivalry, good behaviour and principles. However, people don’t instantly know who you are in seconds – so it’s what you’re wearing that gives the first impression. And believe me, you do want to create a perfect first impression because, as you may already know, society can be highly judgemental. So why not play along with this game and impress your boss, clients and the ladies?
Looking stylish and elegant doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. But hey – as we know, nothing good comes easy. Or cheap. So we will point out the things that you need to invest in. Some things may seem way too expensive at first but if they are good quality, they will last and earn their price.
The first thing we will say is that investing in a finely tailored suit is always a good idea. Made to measure will always fit you better than the ones in a department store. Even the most high end ones won’t be that well fitted for you – unless you have the body of a mannequin, which in real life doesn’t happen that often. If the suit is too tight or too loose you will end up looking and feeling awkward, but if the suit is fitted according to your body measurements, you’ll feel much more confident. A professional tailor pays a lot of attention to every aspect of the process – from trimming, detailing and cutting, to the relationship between him and his client. It’s remarkable, so if you’re looking for a sartorial elegance that is simple yet stylish, make an appointment:
Although we are a fashion business and want our clients to dress impeccably, we much admit, it’s not only the suit that makes a man. If you’ve got that perfect suit, you’ll need to compliment it with equally high-quality accessories to complete your look. More particularly – you will need good cufflinks, tie (neck tie or bow tie), pocket square (preferably 100% silk) and  nice socks that won’t take down the style points of your look. And about the leather products: yes, these also need to be impeccable! Whether they are good or bad, your shoes really are the first thing people will notice (LGFG Fashion House also provides excellent quality hand-crafted footwear), so investing in a good pair of shoes is a must. The same goes for belt and briefcase if you need one. Good quality leather products will cost more but they don’t necessarily have to be world-known designer names. If you are not after the names then it’s possible to find ones at quite affordable prices.
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 16.39.32
One more accessory you’ll need is a watch. Let’s face it, a timepiece commands prestige and power to the man who is wearing one. A watch is no longer about telling time since most of us have our smartphones for that. In the watch department, it’s a bit more difficult because designer names are a big deal in the world of quality watches. However, they too have very different price ranges so we suggest you do a bit of research about the brands that are in your price range. A watch is probably one of the most stylish jewellery pieces for men to wear without being pretentious. If diamonds are a girl’s best friends, then a watch is a man’s.
Now, time for the final touch. Well, actually this could be the first thing after all as it won’t cost you that much- invest in yourself! Find a great hairstylist. You surely don’t want to wear fine clothes with hair that looks like as though you’ve just gone through a bad storm. The popularity of cool and stylish barber shops is growing all around the world, so you just may want to check into it. Another thing to invest in is a sports club membership. I know, we all have busy life but nothing beats being healthy and confident in your own body. Yes, after you look like the fine and dapper gentleman that you want to be, remember that one last ingredient needed to charm anyone you meet: Confidence!

The different suit options of LGFG Fashion House

You have probably noticed on our website and social media sites that all of the LGFG Fashion House suits have names. Or, more precisely, have different lines, some of which are named by major cities around the world. Of course our clients are totally aware of these but we thought it could be something to explain for the general public as well.
First of all, it’s important to mention that every LGFG suit, no matter the price category, is made with a floating chest piece. Black Label suits are made with 100% European fabrics and pieces – all chest pieces come from Italy. Black Label suits are the ones with city names – Tokyo, Paris, London, Venice, Milan – and Corona.
Se let’s explain the differences amongst the suit lines:
Tokyo, Paris and London use traditional half canvassing with German fusing tape which is re-fusible at 300 micropixels per square inch – the highest standard in the industry and it means the suits are lighter weight and they never bubble. All of the shoulder pads come from Germany as well.
Venice, Milan and Corona suits are full canvas in the traditional Saville Row method, so they are a bit heavier and will be less ‘crisp’ but are made in the same Saville Row method reserved for Kings and Royalties. Literally.
So let’s get more into details now: all of the buttons on LGFG suits are made from fruit nut (apricot pit, etc); except for Venice, Milan and Corona which are made of horn, making the suit even more exclusive.
All of the LGFG Fashion House lines feature 292 independent sewing operations, but on Venice, Milan and Corona the operations are more hand-based rather than machine stitching. For the more exclusive suit lines, all of the finishing is done by hand.
Fabrics for London and up come from the top mills in the world: Dormeuil, Scabal, Loro Piana. And for the Venice, Milan and Corona suit lines, only high quality vegetable dyes are used for coloration.
So no matter the suit line, you always know you get good quality from LGFG. However, there is always an option for an upgrade to exclusivity, like when you need your striped suit fabric to have a pure gold threads. Yes, it’s possible! Like we said – there is always room for some upgrade.
Photos by: Herkki Erich Merila