It’s the dog days of summer and this article is about to give you some advice on how to look elegant, stylish and cool (literally) during your days off. Probably most people prefer not to pack suits on their holiday suitcase (if it doesn’t include some festive event like a wedding or some other event where you need to dress up of course). But there are some things in your wardrobe that you can mix and match between office and holiday:

White shirt

There is probably no more universal and practical item to wear with more utility that a crisp white shirt. You can wear it to a wedding party, under your suit in the office or at the beach. Yes. Wear your white shirt with your shorts and add some espadrilles or moccasins and a panama hat and voila! Beach chic look is born. Especially good when you opt to go to a beach club where you can sunbathe, swim and sit down in a restaurant to sip that cocktail.


* For your beach-wear opt for a white shirt that is made of linen, but cotton works fine too

* Better to have the shirt more loose fit and not that slim fit; much more comfortable this way.

* The shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be white. Think of pastel colours – pink, light blue, lilac etc. These are all good for your elegant summer outfit.


Blazer made of breathable fabric

Another item that you might already own is a summer suit that is made of breathable fabric. If you need to look business casual you can wear the whole suit but if you are on a vacation and going out for a dinner then put the blazer on top of your polo shirt (or even a usual t-shirt) and your trousers or shorts (we don’t mean the sport shorts here of course). A blazer can turn your super casual outfit to a more elegant one. But if you are going to a fancy restaurant then always check the dress code. Some places don’t allow men in with shorts and some places don’t let you in without a jacket. And this is exactly where that lightweight blazer comes in handy. Tip: try a Bamboo blazer.



Some summers are so hot that even wearing a blazer seems to be too much. If you have a fancy event coming up then in some occasions its ok to skip the jacket and put on your vest instead. A vest is such a practical investment! During summer time you can wear it instead of your jacket and during cold winter months you can wear it underneath your jacket to keep you warmer and you’re dressed ‘in-season’ in both!




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During the hottest time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) we have noticed that our clients have gone in 2 directions – some like very colourful custom made shirts and suits yet others prefer simplicity. So this time, the “best suits of the month” post is dedicated to the lovers of simple and easy outfits. These hard working business folks can be categorized by one Oscar Wilde quote: “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Samuel Tsang

Samuel Tsang is a Partner at Deloitte, and he stands out in a sharp, clean look. He chose a medium grey plain fabric for his LGFG Fashion House Tokyo line suit. Best look with a grey suit is definitely a crisp white custom shirt and that’s exactly what our stylish clients have opted for. Samuel’s masterpiece is done by our Executive Clothier Chenda Lin who is based in Hong Kong.

Eric Young

Eric Young, a Partner at PwC, is another client of Chenda. Eric chose a grey POW check with red over check fabric to be made into his newest suit from LGFG Fashion House Tokyo line. He also chose to pair these new designs with a white shirt and no tie – but added a pinkish handkerchief that adds an extra style touch to his total look.

Samuel Williams

Samuel Williams from Aamplify chose this elegant piece from LGFG Fashion House Technical line. The linen grey blend suit featuring white piping and smoke mother of pearl buttons adding a unique, yet understated contrast to his look. What a great idea to add that white pocket square that matches his white shirt and this shade of grey suit perfectly! This look is created by our Executive Clothier Rachel Gibbings who is based in Auckland, New Zealand.




Meet LGFG Corporate Recruiter

LGFG is super proud of our team and we’re growing growing rapidly. There is a special person behind that – meet our in-house recruiter Erika Kazakov! She is the first to find and meet new candidates worldwide for LGFG!
Erika was born in Koenigsberg (as the city of Kaliningrad was once known), but spent the rest of her childhood in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently she is based in LGFG Tallinn office.

Although usually she is the one asking questions from the candidates, this time we asked some questions about her. Erika’s educational background is very interesting:
“After graduating from a Jewish Gymnasium in Estonia, I continued studying in Tallinn University (Degree in Arts and Social Sciences). Later on, while being on the 8th month of pregnancy, I finished master degree from Malmö University in Sweden (Communications).”

We were eager to know when did she become interested in style and fashion?

“I was probably 11 or 12. I realized that they way that people dressed was one of the strongest ways that we indicated our social status.” So young yet so correct about this one, wasn’t she?

So what about LGFG? Why did she decide to join LGFG?

“There are two things which matched my values: First, investing in yourself is one of the best returns
on investment you can have. Second, physical appearance does matter in building
relationships: people who are well put-together are more likely to become leaders, get better
opportunities, and attract other sharp people. LGFG has brought into my life highly intelligent people, along with their international experience and leadership.”

We also wanted to know what does this smart and stylish woman likes to do on her spare time?

“My spare time usually contains of me interacting with my two little monkeys (Oscar and Clea), reading books (that I have couple of hundred at home) and traveling. Whether it’s a long trip to South Africa or a short one to South of Estonia, does not matter.
Travel is enriching!“

And we couldn’t stop ourselves and had to ask her a little style advice. She says that her favourite suit is a classic white pant suit. But that’s not all:

“I think my fashion and shopping style actually mirrors my work style. I’m highly organized, push for quality, and respond to traditional power structures. I am living with the idea of minimalism (I literally have 29 pieces in my wardrobe), and it helps me achieve two things: 1) not spending my time on mix and matching the outfits – I have them laid out together on the hanger 2) focusing on my goals (rather on the things).”

And finally we asked her what does she thinks are important skills for being a great tailor?

“A successful clothier is supposed to be an individual with personality, strong character and above all, exceptional habits.”

So if you feel like you have all these skills and you’d be interested to work in LGFG Fashion House, then Erika is currently searching new clothiers in:

Hong Kong

Toronto, Canada 

Vilnius, Lithuania 

Prague, Czech Republic 

Montreal, Canada

Bratislava, Slovakia 

Calgary, Canada

Brussels, Belgium

E-mail your CV and cover letter to Erika:

Summer Shoes

Of course there is no such thing as summer shoes but there are shoes that can only be worn during summer time. We like to keep our looks elegant even on our days off. So which are the most elegant shoe options for the hot weather days?

Of course our number one pick is a loafer. It’s an elegant shoe that can perfectly be worn with a summer suit. These can be worn during winter too of course – totally depends on where you live- but not a great choice in the snow! No problems wearing these in Miami during December but much more difficult if you’re in Europe or Canada. Although – interesting fact is that loafers were invented in Europe by King George VI in the 1920s. The British ruler requested for a casual shoe to “loaf” in his chilly country houses. The model was quickly adapted for outdoor wear. Loafers are multifunctional – they can be worn with trousers and blazer but they also look great with polo shirts and shorts. Loafers give an outfit a more natural and comfortable look.

If you haven’t got a pair of loafers in your summer wardrobe then it’s the last time to call your LGFG executive clothier and get a pair of quality handmade leather loafers from LGFG. Meanwhile you can check out our other style options HERE.





Looking back at last month we can notice that the trend of bold suit linings continue. Your business suits don’t have to be boring, blend in with the masses, or hide your colourful personality. So how do these guys do this? It’s easy – they like to play with the interior of their suits! These LGFG clients show how they liked to personalize their new suits:


Dan Baxter

Only a super confident person can combine a beautiful classic blue with check fabric with a stunning lining like this. Dan Baxter at Fleishman Hillard is definitely a man of great style! The peacock feather print lining is truly something extraordinary. And that’s not all – Dan decided to add a matching pocket square! He deserves applause for this choice from our Paris line! Dan’s executive clothier is Joris Croenen from Brussels.


Marcel Lagin

Marcel Lagin is a leader at Infor. He insisted on making a three piece suit after getting his first custom suit from LGFG Fashion House. This White Label suit might look very classical on the outside but wait until you get to see the inside of it! This fuchsia coloured lining is everything! Just add a pocket square in same colour for the final touch. Marcel Lagin’s executive clothier is Thisa Phan who works in Prague and Vienna.


Andrew McArthur

Andrew McArthur from LGFG Fashion House chose his favourite city’s skyline for his suit lining. Yes – you can have that kind of lining to your suit from LGFG Fashion House as well. Only question that remains – what is your favourite city?




The first company in the world to transact a bespoke suit for Bitcoin

On June 1st, 2018, LGFG Fashion House become, we believe, the first company in the world to transact a bespoke suit for Bitcoin.

Ray Youssef, CEO of Paxful Inc, the world’s largest P2P Bitcoin exchange at the time of this press release, has been a longtime loyal client for LGFG.
Ray, along with nearly all of his staff, have been on the forefront of representing and growing cryptocurrency at conferences all over the world in their LGFG suits supplied by their personal LGFG Executive Clothier.
Combining the old world with the new, LGFG continues to bring old-world handmade quality to our clients on an individual bespoke basis, while embracing new technologies both inside our business and with our clients in order to merge the highest level of quality and service from both worlds.

We are proud to make this press release, and to pay for your bespoke garments with cryptocurrency, please contact your LGFG Executive Clothier.

Dimitry Toukhcher
LGFG Fashion House


The flowers are in full bloom and so is wedding season. So what, might you ask, are the style rules for the groom? There are several key elements that factor in to this hot topic. Firstly, it totally depends on the wedding style. Is it a fancy and glamorous party of the century in a castle or is it a simple and down to earth bare-foot wedding on the beach? Naturally, there aren’t the same rules for both of these occasions. So we’ll give you a few different ideas of which suit fits best with different wedding environments, since a fancy tuxedo at a chill beach wedding could look ridiculous. Selecting that appropriate wedding suit style can be tricky, but the last thing a man wants is to look sloppy beside his stunning bride on their big day. A grooms wedding suit should always flow with the theme of the wedding.

Let’s start with the black tie dress code since it’s the most popular choice for weddings. There are three options for grooms whose wedding is a glamorous formal black tie party.

* Tail suit

This is the most formal option for men. Tailcoat needs to fit perfectly – it’s very slim around the body so be sure to hit the gym if you decide to wear a tail suit in your wedding! The black tailcoat is worn open, white shirt with detachable collar underneath, black trousers to match, and it’s always worn with a bowtie and patent leather shoes.

* Tuxedo

A classy tuxedo is always in style! A tuxedo should be worn with a bow tie to keep the look formal. The difference between a tuxedo and formal suit is that the tuxedo always has a satin trim. Most men prefer to keep their tuxedo black but some prefer their wedding tuxedo to be light blue or white. The tuxedo is also worn with patent leather shoes.

* Dinner suit

There are a few options under this category. Whether you prefer your suit single breasted or double-breasted is up to you. A traditional option is a black and white combination. Your suit option should coordinate with your bride’s dress selection. If she has a more simple dress, then choose a dinner suit rather than a long tail or a tuxedo so you don’t steal show. For a more formal look you can add a bow tie to a dinner suit as well.

In a semi-formal wedding atmosphere, you can opt for a business suit also. You have room to play around here: choose single or double breasted, a two or three buttoned suit, and you can opt for a waist coat. Just be sure that the suit style you choose fits your figure. A professional tailor can always help you out with their advice.


As for casual weddings, the best option is a laid-back two-piece suit. You can always take off the jacket after the ceremony. We also love a waistcoat under the jacket, so you get that elegant look, even once you’ve taken your jacket off. You also have more room to play with colours. Forget the usual black and white and go with the lighter tones – opt for pastels or light blue or even off-white.

For a beach wedding opt for a lounge suit. It is more comfortable, has suitable colour scheme and can be worn without a tie.

Final tip is that whichever suit style you choose, the most important component is the fit. It has to fit you perfectly on the most important day of your life.




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I am writing this blog post while sitting in a Japanese bullet train from one big city to another. Having travelled a fair amount of this World, I’ll say, I’ve never before seen a place where 95% of men in the city wear suits, until now. I know that in Japan careers are the priority, people work almost night and day and some sleep 2-4 hours at night. But I am not going to talk about the way Japanese live their lives. I am here to talk about what they wear.

At first it was so unusual for me to see the majority of people on the street wearing suits, but what bothered me was that all the suits looked exactly the same. Everyone was wearing a black or grey suit! I am not aware if there is a strict dress code rule in the offices of Tokyo and Osaka, if so – then I apologise. All these men in black and grey looked boring. Particularly since temperatures in Japan were screaming summer, but the suits didn’t look anything like summer suits. So, I believe, that the world of custom suits in Japan still has a long way to go. Although in Japan there is no excuse for sloppy attire, I strongly believe you can still look elegant and suitable for the business environment while having a vibe of ease and relaxation.

No matter the weather, it is always important to look professional, appropriate and well, stylish. We, at LGFG Fashion House, see summer time as a great opportunity to try different colours and fabrics. Wondering what to wear to stay cool and look cool during the year’s hottest season? We can help with that!

Change darker colours to lighter tones. The base of every gentlemen’s wardrobe should include black, navy and dark grey suits. For your summer suits opt for light greys, khaki tones, and different tones of beige. Lighter tones reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.

In selecting the perfect summer suit, it’s especially important to pay attention to the construction of the suit. This will determine its weight, texture and breathability. Opt for an unlined or half-lined suit. This will let your body get more air and breathability. Also, choose lighter weight fabrics that have a looser weave.

LGFG Fashion House has an excellent choice of summer fabrics and our tailors have great ideas to introduce to you. Also if you have any questions regarding style they are more than happy to help you out! For more information contact our Executive Clothiers HERE.

Some summer suit examples from LGFG FASHION HOUSE:




Spring has brought an interesting phenomenon to the world of custom suits. One might assume that grey is a colour to buy and wear during the Fall-Winter season, but actually it’s Spring that has made our clients choose their suit colour between the fifty shades of grey… just kidding, we have way more than fifty grey tones! Here are the best grey suits that were delivered to our clients in April.

Lee McCroskey

Lee McCroskey is a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach at John Maxwell Leadership Team- but he could also teach people how to dress well! Lee chose a light grey jacket with light blue checks from LGFG Fashion House Paris Line. Lee’s personal tailor is Tõnu Hiielaid who works in Tallinn, Estonia and Brussels, Belgium.


Trevor Delaire

Trevor Delaire of TD is looking sharp in his first LGFG Fashion House pieces from our Technical Line. Trevor knows that a classic grey well fitted suit is the definition of timeless style! He styled his suit with a white striped shirt and light brown shoes to complete his look. Fantastic sense of style! Trevor’s tailor is Emma Whitehall from Toronto, Canada.


Florian Popp

Florian Popp from Gemtek is wearing his first three-piece suit from LGFG Fashion House. What an elegant choice this grey three-piece is! The light blue checked shirt is a perfect combination with this suit from our Tokyo Line. Florian’s tailor is Antony Crugnale from Perth, Australia.





This Spring, there is one fashion trend that is the same for both men and women, a rarity! Couples who love the twinning game will be thrilled to hear about this one. It’s the roll neck but not just the roll neck – it is to be worn under a jacket.

The most popular pairing we’ve seen on celebrities and influencers is a black polo neck under a grey checked jacket. What we love about this trend is that it is perfect for Spring. We are all so tired of our winter coats and ready to rock our blazers, but the Spring air can be devilish! It may feel warm in the sunshine, but that shade packs a punch! So the roll neck under your jacket not only looks great, but is actually practical too.

A roll neck isn’t a piece of clothing that has been labelled “cool”. It’s something that your university lecturer or some it-guy would wear (Steve Jobs was cool you know). Blazers on the other hand have always been thought to be extremely elegant. So adding a well fitting blazer to your roll neck can actually turn a basic look into a stylish one. A great blazer can even make a boring t-shirt look cool and stylish.

David Gandy

Victoria Beckham

Should you prefer a more laid-back look, you can wear a blazer in neutral tones. This will bring more attention to your blazer. Want to draw attention to your roll neck and create a contrast? Opt for a touch of colour with the roll-neck!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ed Westwick

The most important thing about this look is definitely a well fitted blazer, if you don’t have one yet then it’s good to find yourself a professional tailor who can measure you for a custom made jacket. You won’t regret this decision, contact our executive clothiers HERE.