It’s that time again to showcase some of the great suits that our clients have picked out for a very fashionable Summer 2017 season. What we like the most about these particular suits is how versatile they are. We like these suits because they are especially flexible for wear all year ’round. Two of the best suit tones that work well in both Summer and Autumn are grey and lighter shades of blue. We like to think that LGFG clients can be just as practical as they are stylish.

Justin Warburton

Justin Warburton from Triple C got his three piece suit for Barbagallo Group’s RQCC charity boxing event. We must admit he could even offer Conor McGregor himself some competition with his style choice of this blue check suit from LGFG Fashion House Paris line. He spiced up the suit with a bordeaux coloured tie and brown shoes. By switching out accessories his suit can adapt to fit well at whatever seasonal festivities he attends all year ’round. Justin’s tailor is Rachel Gibbings.

Lee Mosley

Lee Mosley of IPC Securities Corp was pleased to receive a beautiful new charcoal suit. It’s his first suit from LGFG Fashion House. Grey is definitely one of the most versatile colours when when it comes to suits. It’s a perfect colour for a more serious business environment. But you can always spice it up with a colourful patterned tie and handkerchief like Lee did here. His tailor is Emma Whitehall.

Adam Reiterowski

Adam Reiterowski from Bel Alta Holdings knows that wanting to look good isn’t self-important — it’s simply self-respect. That’s why he decided that looking sharp was important to him and ordered a custom suit from LGFG Fashion House Paris line. The purple hues from his shirt and checked tie go perfectly with this grey suit. Adam’s tailor is Hannah Ohayon.


Yes, the season has once again changed. They do tend to change even faster when you get older, don’t they? So yes – Fall is here and it’s bringing some new trends with it. September is the most important issue of the fashion magazines. Everything feels new in September. People are getting ready for school and work again. And many like to gift themselves with something new so the change to the more serious season will feel less dreadful and more exciting. For ladies it can be a new pair of shoes or a purse. And for guys it could easily be a new suit – perfect!

Although this blog post isn’t going to be entirely about suits. We will write about some new and interesting fashion trends that are IN this Fall. And maybe these patterns and colours will give you some great inspiration for something new as well?

* Quilts

Well, we hardly see quilted suits, but believe it or not – it exists and was seen on the runway! Nevertheless we are not here to recommend this as a viable option, although it could feel warm in the Winter, but not sure how your boss at the office would like it; however, a quilted gilet under your jacket or a coat is a perfect way to keep warm.




* Tie

Have ties ever been out of fashion? It seems they have because big fashion magazines and designers are all screaming that ties are back! When was the last time you’ve replenished your ties – or are you still looking like you’re “TV dad”? A big trend we’re seeing in-house are animal themes; ducks, dogs, cats and all sort of fun ties can still look like a serious statement- and why not let people know you’re not (always) boring!




* Wide suits

Slim fit suits are once again cycling out when it comes to what we’re seeing on the runways. Yeah, that is something that not everyone likes but on the runways we’re noticing the blazers with wide shoulders (kind of a Miami Vice vibe) and wide pants. See for yourself and we recommend you to choose your suit style the way you prefer not the way current trends suggest.




* Knits with suit trousers

Yes there is nothing new to this combo, it’s very practical when you have cold winters. Most of us (who don’t spend our Winters on the Caribbean) have a season for this, but there’s also a twist in this trend. During the summer it was all about t-shirts with slogans – whether you were promoting the brand you like or it was your opinion about politics – messages with slogans were in. And now for the colder season these messages have moved to your sweaters! You could see the messages of the runways of Valentino, Dior, Raf Simmons and many more…probably not an appropriate office look, but nonetheless we’ve taken note for the casual days.




* Orange

We are not talking about the fruits but hey – it’s a good reminder to get all your vitamins for the Fall! But we are here to discuss fashion and well, orange is in fashion right now, and we are more than happy about it. Let’s not be one of those boring persons who only wear black, grey and beige during the darker seasons. Let’s keep a little summer in our outfits. If you are not fond of being head to toe orange why not just orange-up your details? An orange tie perhaps? Or a handkerchief? Or even the strap of your watch or belt? Surprise yourself and try something different this Fall! Because as the TV show already stated: “Orange IS the new black”.




* Double breasted suit

Double the buttons – double the fun! Double breasted suits were already coming back to trend on the last seasons and they are still here and they are strong! Yes, feel that 80s vibe with those broad shoulders! Or consider a double-breasted jacket. It’s not only coming back, but it’s a strong statement about your personal power; there’s just that “something” when you put a double breasted jacket on.





The “Best Suits of July” blog post is dedicated for the brave ones. So what do we mean by the brave ones? It is no secret that a lot of guys out there prefer the safe-zone (this is not the same as the comfort zone). The safe zone we’re talking about is about styling. Although there are so many styling rules around it doesn’t hurt anyone to break these sometimes. We love to see how our clients are brave and like to try something different. It absolutely doesn’t mean that they’ve become what they call the “Pitti peacocks” – the colourful guys from the men’s fashion weeks. All it takes is playing with colours, textures or accessories. So here are the stylish guys who surprised us when styling their new LGFG suits:

David Andreson

David Anderson, senior vice president in Cushman & Wakefield, is looking spiffy in his very first LGFG Fashion House suit and tie from our Paris line. We really like to see him playing with such strong and intense colours and the finish is absolutely astonishing! He chose a classic royal blue suit highlighted with red accents. Look at how perfectly the stitching, tie and handkerchief go. Extra style points that he chose the a with a pattern. And brown shoes go perfectly with his outfit. Applause! David’s tailor is Emma Whitehall.

Mike Hodgson

Mike Hodgson from Hughstreet Asset Management also got his first LGFG Fashion House suit from Emma Whitehall. He got himself a classic grey suit from our Tokyo line. The suit fit him perfectly but what we loved even more was to see how he styled it! Mike chose to wear his grey suit with light blue shirt and it pink handkerchief with a rainbow coloured tie! Look for yourself how great these colour combinations are.

Mathew Harris

Pink shirts are not anything new in men’s fashion anymore. But a pink shirt worn with a beige suit is a great summer outfit combination is outside standard convention but looks amazing! Mathew Harris from Deloitte is looking super sharp in his tan half-lined LGFG Fashion House custom suit from our Technical line. This is what we call simplicity combined with fashion at its best! Mathew’s tailor is Madeline Mason.

Made-to-measure for the win

Made-to-measure clothing is getting more and more popular every day. Today we don’t even need to tell people why they should prefer their clothes made by a professional tailor. People who care about their appearance know that already. It’s just about finding the perfect tailor for you.

There are thousands of stores to go to find everyday clothing. Jeans, t-shirts are no big deal. But when it comes to finding a perfect suit or for men or women, then it’s best to turn to bespoke or made-to-measure clothing. Consumers continue to desire clothing that best reflect their personalities so it’s hardly surprising that numerous sectors of the industry are seeing considerable growth in made-to-measure clothing. The biggest growth has come to menswear as males desire clothing that fits, as well as to choose fabrics and details to reflect their personalities. In the world where mass production has been in full speed people desire something more special and individual. So it’s no surprise that made-to-measure businesses are seeing continuous 20-30 percent growth.

According to menswear merchants, there are many reasons for the growth in made-to-measure clothing in recent years, most important of them:

1) Customers love a perfect-fitting suit and enjoy being involved in the design process, selecting their own fabrics, linings, buttons, etc.

2) Statistically, with more men working out these days, the guys have gotten bigger while suits have gotten slimmer, so more men now benefit from a custom fit.

The other success of any made-to-measure business relies on establishing the right customer expectation. After one great experience a tailor probably has found a client for a lifetime. And if the tailor messes up the first time the client will never return. And what’s worse – he may never give a chance to any other tailor as well! So finding that great, professional and trustworthy tailor is a really big thing.

The next really big thing is fabric of course. Whatever segment of the made-to-measure industry one is focused on, fabric producers and suppliers play a gigantic role in what men will be wearing in coming seasons. Coloured stripes? Small checks? Brownish tones? Yes – all these are in trend for 2018 and it is decided by fabric producers. But not only that; they closely monitor what men prefer and make a new season trends after the customer demands. So actually men themselves are the trendsetters in this game.

Finding a good tailor is not that hard a job anymore. You can find one through the website! LGFG Fashion House offers luxury tailoring services in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Find your tailor HERE.  


Summer has been in full speed and we haven’t shared our best suits of June yet! Time to catch up as we have some wonderful outfits to show you! Summer is time for lighter fabrics and colours. Skip your black and navy suits for the hottest season. If white is too much for the working environment then light grey is the perfect option! So this time we chose the best grey suits that our clients ordered for this Summer. And keep in mind – grey is a versatile colour that suits perfectly for other seasons as well.
1. Todd Zani

Todd Zani from Stargroup Ltd. with a classy three-piece suit. Three piece is a great option: wear it to work as a two-piece and for a fancier event add the vest. Think of all the cocktail parties and summer weddings.
Todd’s suit is from our LGFG Fashion House Tokyo line and his tailor in Maiko Mathieson.
2. Denis Sicotte

How dapper does Denis Sicotte from Sicotte Guilbault look in his custom made light grey LGFG Fashion House suit! Another perfect option for summer. He decided to add some colour to his suit with an electric blue handkerchief. Great choice! His suit is from our Paris line and his tailor is Emma Whitehall.
3. Andrey Korolev

Andrey Korolev from VTP Capital also made a great decision by ordering a new bespoke three-piece suit that he matches with a light blue shirt and a silk handkerchief that adds a very elegant touch to this stylish suit. Andrey’s suit is from LGFG Fashion House Tokyo line and his new tailor is Inga Romasko in Moscow.

Although July is almost finished already we still have August to enjoy our holidays. But August is also a perfect time to start thinking about that new suit for Autumn! What is better than to start your new working season with a brand new custom made suit? We couldn’t think of anything better… Find your a professional tailor here:

Guide to collars

You might think that by being a man and knowing the basics you know almost everything about styling and men’s clothing. Well I can assure you that the world of shirts, suits and accessories are so much wider than most of us will ever know (unless you’re one of the stars of Pitti Uomo, of course.) Our blog is here to introduce the world of stylish men (and women) to everyone. So even if you are not into the fashion world, it’s good to know more than matching your brown briefcase with brown shoes (you knew that, right?)

This article will focus on men’s shirts. And to be more precise – the collars of the shirt. Everyone have seen different collars but do you know what they’re called and why they are different from each other? What are the occasions for which they are best suited? Read on…


1. The forward point collar

The “point collar” dress shirt is the most traditional of them all. So you probably have one or more in the wardrobe. The collar points have narrow distance and they are often covered by a jacket’s lapels. This is a traditional shirt and it tells that your style is classic. This is your everyday basic shirt.


2. The button down collar

The button down collar was innovated for just being practical. They were introduced to the world by polo players and the buttons were a way to keep the collars from flapping up and down while they were riding. It has been a staple of classic, preppy style ever since. If you are not the one who wears a tie every day (it looks good with or without tie) then this relaxed style is for you. General dress acumen dictates that you not wear a tie with a button-down collar.


3. The spread collar

This style is pretty much the middle ground of dress shirt collars. The one who prefers collars like that is someone in the middle of strict traditionalist and modern trendsetter. The way the collar points end and disappear right where they meet the jacket is very elegant and symmetrical. It’s a good option when you work in a corporate environment but would still like to stand out. But not too much, not the Italian way. This is the practical shirt type because it really works in just about every situation imaginable. And it just looks so good with or without a tie.


4. The tab collar

The tab collar has been around for ages. I mean these were worn a really long time ago – when the collars were removable and not attached to the rest of the shirt. These days this style is hard to find. But if you want to earn some style points – it’s worth the hunt. You can recognize the shirt by the tab that is fastened by a button hidden underneath the tie knot.


5. The cutaway collar

This is one bold, modern and sartorially-advanced style choice we are talking about. The cutaway collar dress shirt emerged in the 1930’s following the longer and narrower collars of the 1920s. This style can also be referred to as a Windsor collar because its origin means to fit Windsor tie knots. Men who prefer that collar type are bold and confident (and possibly Italian-speaking). This means the collar is not for everyone. But if you feel that this style suits you and you like it then feel free to wear it for different occasions – from office to a wedding.


6. The band collar

A band collar shirt is easy to recognize because it’s simply a shirt with a band for the collar – meaning there is no actual collar at all. If you prefer that collar type it says you are easy going and your motto is that rules were made for breaking. If you feel like experimenting, taking risks and you feel confident then go ahead! The best styling advice for that kind of shirt is to stay more casual. This way it works the best. It’s the perfect option to travel and summer vacations.


7. The club collar

This used to be a style of the students at Eton college who wanted to “distinguish” themselves and their uniforms from other schools. They took the standard collar points and merely rounded them off. And the new collar style was born! It became known as the club collar. If you feel like style is about having a little fun every now and then and when it’s the right time to do so, then this style is a good option for experimenting.


8. The pin collar

Functionally the pin collar shirt is right in line with a tab collar. While tab collar has an extended tab of fabric that buttons under the tie, a pin collar shirt replaces the tab with a bar. The bar elegantly lifts the tie knot, creating a luxurious arch below the tie knot while also holding the knot itself firmly in place. The eyelets on each collar point are fastened together with either a collar bar or a collar pin. This style is for someone who knows a lot about classic tailored menswear. If you prefer this style, you are probably working in the fashion business or you have a well educated stylist. You really need a right occasion for pin collar shirt. If it’s a less formal event then substitute the collar pin for the bar to tone down the formality. See – it can be versatile style after all.

Meet LGFG executive clothier Inga Romasko

If you are following LGFG Fashion House social media then you probably have noticed that we share our weekly style tips videos. The girls on the video are not hired as actors/models- they are indeed working at LGFG Fashion House. Lilian is our fashion and marketing analyst and you can read more about her HERE. The other lady is our executive clothier Inga Romasko. Now it’s time to get to know her better as well.

Inga grew up in Minsk, Belarus and then she moved to Vilnius to study International Business and Communication and to discover her Lithuanian roots. This decision gave her the chance to see the world: “While studying I had a chance to work and live in different countries like South Korea, USA and France. As a result, an international company with a great culture was the only option for me. I can definitely say that I love my job and I’m in the right place. The best example would be to hear from my client: “Inga, you can choose some shirts and match with ties, I trust you”.

So how did she join the team? Inga answers: “I found out about LGFG from the Internet. The combination of sales and fashion seemed like a perfect match for me. Furthermore, after joining I noticed that LGFG’s culture and the way it treats its employees reminded me of AIESEC – the organization I was volunteering before. I realized it’s the right place to start my professional career where company goals would match mine.
LGFG showed me how to become successful. Everything is simple: no magic, only hard work. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tailor, lawyer or have your own business there is no shortcuts to success – only hard work. However, being average in this company is not the right choice, you need to strive for excellence and think long term. That, perhaps, is the biggest lesson I’ve learned here. Undoubtedly, there is no other way as to grow fast when you are surrounded with highly educated professionals. And that is what we value and invest the most in here – people.”

Inga sharing her style tips for LGFG Fashion House customers in the weekly videos

Inga’s biggest passion is travelling. She travels a lot for work and she loves to do it on her spare time as well. “I think it is the best way of education,” she explains.
When already talking about spare time, we asked what else she likes to do: “I have spent 7 years of my childhood doing acrobatics so I can’t live without sports. Wakeboarding, going for a good run or biking by the Baltic Sea is my type of spare time. And of course, I never forget to find some time for my family.”

Inga during her business trip to Moscow

And as a fashion business specialist we asked her to give our readers some style advice that she always follows: “Talking about style, I am very classy and with confidence can say that as every woman should have a black dress, every man can’t do business without a classical blue suit. My absolute favourite suit is 3-piece navy suit for that occasion when a two-piece suit doesn’t cut it and a dinner suit is too much.

And my only advice would be to wear a suit that fits you!”


In this blog post you’ll find three LGFG Fashion House clients that were brave enough to try something new and something different for their fancy events. So let’s meet these brave souls:

Italo Paris

He is the man behind the largest retail flower shop chain in Toronto, Canada – Ital Florist. He likes to wear casual during the work hours, as he’s literally surrounded by flowers, but likes to dress up after work. Of course his work brings him to a lot of events and for the summer, the season of weddings, he picked himself up a new custom blazer, slacks and shirt by LGFG Fashion House. The items are from our Paris line which matches well to his name. He is totally ready to kick off the wedding season thanks to his tailor Aiva Ozolina.


Jean Philippe Stijns

Jean Philippe Stijns from EIB Luxembourg is rocking his new LGFG Fashion House summer outfit – notice the bowtie, contrast vest, light blue pocket puff that matches with the blue checks on this light grey houndstooth. He already got all the must have basic suits from LGFG Fashion House, so this time he wanted something different – more casual. His new suit and shirt is from our London line and vest is from our Paris line. Jean Philippe trusts his suits to be done by his personal LGFG tailor, Katrin Kiviselg.

Mike Burke

Point 16 business consultant Mike Burke from Auckland, New Zealand, is showcasing how to look like a million dollar man! A great inspiration on how to wear a 3-piece suit, the work of art he is wearing comes from LGFG Fashion House London line and a job well done by LGFG clothier, Rachel Gibbings.


Weddings are the kind of events where not only bride and groom, but everyone wants to look their best; we all want to look back at the photos without embarrassment, or merely look amazing in our partner’s eyes. Some weddings have a strict dress code, for example black tie. In this case deciding your outfit is straightforward. But many summer weddings are more laid-back and casual. In this case there are no such hard and fast sartorial rules. Without any strict rules there can be so many questions on what to wear to the summer wedding. We’re here to give you some hints…

Firstly, even if the wedding is not a black tie event but is instead just a small gathering on the beach, you should still read the invitation carefully as the couple may have some dress-code they’d like you to wear. Maybe it’s some certain colour they have chosen for their wedding theme… dress code is something you have to respect.

However, even if the event has a dress code you should never lose your own style and personality. Dress suitably but also the way you feel comfortable with. Use like a neatly folded pocket square or some jewellery or a pair of shoes with a small twist. Always be yourself.

In every wedding – formal or informal – there is one rule that everyone have to keep in mind: You should never upstage the bride and groom! It has always been a rule for the ladies to refrain from upstaging the bride and the same applies to men – you should never steal the spotlight from the main man. Obviously, if the wedding is informal and laid-back, do not wear a tux!

If the invitation says nothing about the dress code then look the venue where the wedding is held. For a beach ceremony go for a linen suit with loafers worn without socks. If the wedding is happening in a castle or a manor, skip the linen suit, even if it’s really hot outside.


As much as we’d like the suit to be an essential outfit to all the guys out there, we know it’s not. Some like to wear it everyday, others wear it to work, some wear it only on special occasion. I am not sure but I have heard that even guys without any suits exist. I hope it’s a rumour! Anyway, we totally get it that no one wears suit seven days a week. Sometimes you just wear a blazer with a jeans. Sometimes you want to wear a sweater over your collared shirt and some chinos with it. Talking about chinos, let’s continue discussing trousers.

Jeans have conquered the world but as comfortable as they are, we must admit, they are not solid enough to wear everywhere. That’s where other trousers come in. So we were thinking how many trousers should a men own? We are not going to explain which styles you should own but we’ll give you some colour advice. If you own these six pairs of pants, we are sure you are totally covered for every style and outfit.

First pair is beige. The classics. They are good to go with almost everything. You can wear these on a casual setting, to the office or for a drinks with friends. Pair these with your favorite shirt or blazer that has some darker shades – navy, burgundy or dark grey. They will make the look harmonious.

Black is also a classic. Black trousers go with almost everything. You can create so many different looks with one single pair of black pants! And they are the most stain-proof of them all. Usually white or beige trousers need to be washed after every time you wear them. Black trousers are also a great option for a night out.

Navy. Yet another classic. Beige, black and navy are the base of your wardrobe, so these are the colour of pants that every man really should own. They are so easy to wear – just like jeans. Keep the look with navy trousers casual.

Grey is such a great option because it is suitable for every skin tone and it’s the perfect base to build your work week looks. You can also pretty much wear those with everything.

If grey is not your thing, why not try olive green. For some, olive green is still associated with army. Don’t be frightened because of this. Olive green is actually a great way to add some colour to your look, especially if you are not used to wearing much colour. It’s a good colour to start experimenting with.

If you are already used to playing with colours, why not add some pastel coloured trousers to your wardrobe? The only rule is to keep every other piece in your outfit laid back. Think of pastel pink, blue, yellow, green, orange or even purple hues.