Meet LGFG Executive Clothier Hannah Ohayon

We have a lot of great executive clothiers working at LGFG Fashion House and we’d like to introduce them. The time has come for you to meet our amazing Hannah Ohayon! 
 Hannah was born in Toronto, Canada, and spent her formative years in Thornhill.

When asked about her studies Hannah said,

“Despite not attending university or college, I was fortunate to gain professional work experience by working at two personal injury law firms which eventually led me to start my journey at LGFG Fashion House.”
Hannah is also talented in the fashion world, she has a great sense of style! “When it comes to fashion, I’ve always had a good eye. Whether it be professionally or socially, personal appearance is vital. We are naturally judged by our appearance, so it’s important to present ourselves with the impression we want to leave behind. Making someone look their best can increase their confidence, which in turn brings happiness. When you look good, you feel good. Making small changes can positively transform a person’s life significantly.” Well said Hannah, we couldn’t agree more!

So how did this trendy and talented woman find her way to LGFG Fashion House? “I heard about LGFG through a good friend, who’s older brother had been working with the company for a while. He had spoken very highly about his experience and so she put us in touch. The main reason I decided to join LGFG was because of Dimitry Toukhcher. I saw a lot of myself in him and I was eager to learn from him.”
“While working at LGFG, I’ve come to perceive success from a different perspective. Working in sales is a lifestyle, just like healthy eating is. It involves an incredible amount of knowledge one can gain on customer service, efficiency, discipline and grit. I strongly believe that experience is your greatest teacher,” – says Hannah about her journey in the company.

What does Hannah get up to when she’s not at work? “During my time of leisure, I like to read, exercise, listen to music, spend time with family and friends, host dinner parties, travel and shop.”

Of course we were eager to find out which kind of suits she likes the most. Hannah’s favourite suits are usually seen on Harvey Specter from the TV series ‘Suits’- “I’m a big fan of tapered three piece suits paired with nice shoes.”

How would Hannah as a stylish woman describe her personal style? The answer was “ Rebel chic. I like classy, effortless looks but with a twist. I’m also a fan of monochromatic outfits.”

And last but not least we asked Hannah to share some great style advice and what she’d recommend to her customers: “My style advice would be to try something new once in a while. People are pleasantly surprised when they leave their comfort zone and change things up. My favourite part about working in the fashion world is being able to step out of traditional business attire and be free to mix and match endless options.”





While scrolling through our February client pictures to choose top picks for our “Best Suits of the Month” post, we noticed that our clients have some similarities when making their purchases. They take a very classic approach and keep the exterior traditional, but then show off their adventurous side on the interior! And what I mean by the interior is suit linings. A variety of colourful and beautifully patterned suit linings are a perfect way to add style points to your everyday or festive suit! LGFG also livens it up with our matching built in pocket squares to complete the look. We love to see our clients making bolder decisions!


Graham Steele

Graham Steele is looking dapper in his newest suit by LGFG Fashion House. This one might look solid gray from a distance, but the subtle purple check adds an interesting and very stylish touch. A purple lining and pocket square add the perfect finishing touch to his chic look. His suit is from our Venice line. Graham’s personal tailor is Aiva Ozolina.


John Zuvich

John Zuvich, Chief Dealer Dept Markets and Liquidity of Western Australian Treasury Corporation, looking very elegant in his LGFG Fashion House black suit from our White Label line. He adds a playful note to his look with coordinating pink pocket square and lining and a colourful striped tie. A classical black suit is not so boring after all, right? John’s personal clothier is Brianna Baxter.


John Riordan

John Riordan from Minnow Pty Ltd will surely be wearing this LGFG Fashion House navy blazer unbuttoned around the office – just look at this red lining! It adds a subtle but sumptuous flair to any well fitted garment. His personal clothier is Leonhard Hopkins.

Now all they need to do is add some funky cheerful socks and they’ll be ready to go to Pitti Uomo (the most important International event for menswear and men accessories collections).




Although there is still snow in many parts of the world, the fashion world is always steps ahead of street trends. And being a fashion business – so are we. So while you might be choosing which colour overcoat to wear with your suit today, we are already looking at trends that affect fashion for quick approaching Spring. Here is a little review of the biggest styles seen on men’s fashion week runways for Spring 2018!

* Pastel Suits

Haider Ackermann



Tom Ford

As says: “Suits have been making a comeback on the men’s and women’s runways for a few seasons now, but Tom Ford, Kenzo, and Martine Rose made the look decidedly un-corporate with Crayola-box colour.” The colours they talk about are these seen on the legendary Miami Vice. Pastels and bright colours are totally in this Spring! Wear yours to the office, if you dare – or just break it up with a t-shirt and sneakers.

* Double Breasted




Another trend from the Miami Vice series that’s making a comeback – double breasted suits are really big this Spring! Well to be fair, they were already appearing on the fashion scene last year, but now these are in full force! Get yourself a pastel coloured double breasted suit and you have hit two trends at once!

* Long Tail Blazers



Long tail blazers ruled in the Balmain mens runway show. This is a mixture of a blazer and a light Spring coat. And to be honest – it looks kinda cool! You can wear it with your suit shirt and pants or over a casual t-shirt and jeans.

* Blooms



Paul Smith

We are not talking about the ones in your garden. Nope – these blooms are in full bloom on your clothes! Although we admit that flower printed suits might not be the most practical decision, if you are brave and playful enough and already own the basic suits that every man should own – why not try this colourful trend.


The beginning of the new year brought a Spring breeze to the life of our executive clothiers. It seems that our clients are more than ready to face the new Spring season. We’ve seen more and more colours in new tailor made garments which is such a positive sight! Let’s check our best suits of January!

Grant Dawes

Grant Dawes of Northland Wealth Management is ready for the warmer weather with his beautiful new LGFG Fashion House suit from our Tokyo line. The light grey suit is such a perfect option for the upcoming Spring! Grant also has an eye for detail – we love how he chose to match his pocket square to the lining of the suit. Spot on for Spring! We can see that he isn’t afraid of patterns, wearing his new suit with a striped shirt. Worth an applause! Grant’s clothier is Emma Whitehall.


Peter Speakman

Peter Speakman is another of our bold clients – not every month you see a man ordering a green suit! He looks fabulous in his LGFG Fashion House Paris line two piece suit! What we love about this green check suit is that it’s unique and versatile – swap the slacks out with a pair of chinos and voila! Peter’s clothier is Rachel Gibbings.


Kris Somers

Kris Somers from UTC Fire & Securities was ready to start a new year with a new office and a new suit. He chose a classy navy suit from LGFG Fashion House Technical line. He matched the new suit with white and light blue striped shirt and purple accessories. Purple and navy blue, a classic and perfect combination! We love to see these colours reminding us that the warmer weather will soon be on the way! Kris’s clothier is Joris Croenen.

You can contact our amazing executive clothiers from HERE.



What to look for in a quality overcoat

Owning a good suit is very important for a gentleman, but owning a great overcoat is equally important! As we all know the world of tailor made suits is very detailed, and so it is with overcoats too.

At the beginning of February, the winter is still in full force! If you haven’t purchased a nice overcoat, it’s definitely time. Here is some advice on characteristics of a quality overcoat.

A good overcoat should be warm, should fit you and also make you look great. But what are the other details that you should keep your eyes open for while investing in a great overcoat? We’ll give you some tips:

* Fabric

If you plan on buying your coat as an investment that serves you for years to come, make sure your coat is made of 100% wool and that it weighs at least 4 pounds (for average-sized men). The logic is that heavier coats last longer because the fabric is more durable.


A cashmere coat is a great option if you already have a good quality wool coat. As cashmere coats are not the best option for everyday wear. They are nice, soft, and warm but they will show wear on the cuffs and the collar. And also – moths love cashmere. If you really like the softness of cashmere then you should check that the quality of most wool nowadays is almost just as soft as the finest cashmere. You can always opt for a nice compromise – choose a wool cashmere blend overcoat.

* Fit

When buying an overcoat (or ordering one from your tailor) make sure to wear a shirt and a sportscoat or suit jacket underneath, as the coat has to fit on top of it. Whether you prefer a looser or more trim fit, keep an eye out for the X-wrinkles when buttoning the overcoat. If these show, then the overcoat is definitely too tight.

* Length

The safest choice would be a full-length coat which compliments a wide range of figures. Including those with a rounder mid-section. Although today, the most popular choice tends to be a knee-length cut. Keep in mind that this coat length only compliments men with trim build. It may be the most comfortable choice if you need to get in and out of your car several times a day..

* Sleeves

The coat sleeves should completely cover the suit sleeves as well as the shirt cuff, and even reach a little further down. This way you protect yourself from the cold on your wrists when you wear gloves with it, and looks better too.





Although January is going strong, we decided to take a look back at the last month of 2017. Here are our favourite suits from December 2017! A taste of what our clients wore for the most festive time of year-

Dr Jaden Teav

Dr Jaden Teav from Princess Margaret hospital, got a new sharp suit for the end of year. Dr Jaden chose a plain navy suit from our Technical line and matched it with a black and white coloured check shirt, which gives a nice touch to the outfit. He also added a fashionable pocket square which makes the look more festive! Dr Jaden Teav’s clothier is Antony Crugnale.

Benoit Groulx

Benoit Groulx from Collins Barrow is looking incredibly sharp in his new classic blue check sport jacket from LGFG Fashion House Paris line. He matched his new suit with a lovely tie and handkerchief which are the same colour tone, but a different pattern. Great style points!

Martin Abram

Martin Abram is a lawyer from Schindler Attorneys in Vienna. He got his third suit from LGFG, he has two suits from our Technical line and now he opted for a third from our Tokyo line. He chose a plain black suit which is perfect for office days as well as more festive events. His clothier is Thisa Phan.

A gift from LGFG Fashion House

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” – yes we all know that famous song…but there is another Christmas song we still remember – Eartha Kitt singing “Santa Baby” where all she wants for Christmas are a fur coat, a convertible car, diamonds, yachts, houses and so on. This song is a reminder that Christmas can actually be a quite stressful time. We all know the feeling when running around the city for different department stores desperately trying to find a gift at the very last minute. It is stressful. You don’t want to disappoint your closest circle, and Eartha Kitt’s wish list is something that only 1% in the world can make happen. But I believe we can all agree that seeing the joy in the eyes of someone you love after receiving something that (s)he have always wanted or loved is special not only for the receiver, but for the giver as well.

For me personally, the hardest part is to find a gift for someone who already has everything. This gift should be personalized and special for them to remember it. Keeping exactly that in mind, we in LGFG Fashion House are presenting gift cards you can buy for that special someone. A custom made suit is something truly special; more than a prize, it’s an experience. It’s an interesting and very memorable experience for our customers as our executive clothiers will come to the client’s home or office to take measurements and then deliver the suit. You can order yours from your clothier, without any need to go to the mall- what a timesaver!

For buying an LGFG Fashion House gift card or to get more information about it you can contact our executive clothiers from around the world. You’ll find our locations on our website:

And although Christmas is the time of giving we all should keep in mind that being there for your loved ones is still the most important thing.

The three winter wardrobe essentials

1. Flannel sports coat

LGFG recommends that every man have at least one flannel sport coat/jacket for the winter months. If it’s for a special occasion, you should opt for true wool flannel but if it’s your everyday jacket then go for worsted flannel – it helps you get more wear out of the blazer you plan to wear a lot.
Flannel sports coats are warmer which make them more suitable for fall winter wardrobe.

It’s usually a good idea to opt for a sport coat that contrasts your existing wardrobe. For example, when your everyday suits are usually navy or grey, your flannel jacket could be brown or something even more colourful. Sport coats are a great place to expand your look into something a little flashier than your daily wear suits.


2. Water resistant wool suit

The continued evolution in textiles technology has made it possible to create rain and storm systems from traditional cloths. For example Loro Piana: Rain system forms an invisible barrier around each fiber, protecting the fabric from rain, dust and dirt. As these substances are not absorbed, they can easily be removed, preserving the garment’s original look.

Storm system is even more powerful and has a double barrier offering protection against wind and rain. In addition to the Rain system it has an exclusive hydrophilic membrane that are breathable, water resistant and windproof. The micromolecular membrane is applied to the reverse of the fabric through a lamination process designed by Loro Piana.

It’s pretty obvious why these specialty fabrics quickly become irreplaceable in your wardrobe once you adopt them.


3. Overcoat

In many parts of the world winters can be exceptionally cold, making you want to snug into a big fluffy The North Face jacket. Unfortunately, while exceedingly warm and comfortable, these types of jackets don’t really fit into the look of a well-tailored suit. This is why it pays to invest in a suitably-styled winter overcoat – the only truly acceptable overwear for a suit in winter.

An overcoat is a type of long coat which usually extends to or below the knee to keep the worst of the weather outside off of your delicate garments underneath. They are specifically designed to be worn over a suit. Modern overcoats are also extremely warm, and most are usually at least water resistant or even completely water proof! Now you don’t need to sacrifice style to stay warm and dry in the cold winter months.

All three options for winter wear are, of course, available from LGFG Fashion House – just ask your executive clothier.


Time again to announce the best suits of the month! With a colourful beginning to Autumn, our customers opted to also add colour to their wardrobes. Black is a classic, and grey is usually a very popular choice for Autumn, but nothing beats a solid royal blue. A great blue suit provides a little extra class and personality and is consistently a really popular color in the world of men’s fashion. A blue suit is also very practical – you can use it all year ’round to nearly any occasion (except black tie events!).

Let’s find out how LGFG Fashion House customers styled their blue suits…


Milan Topolovec

Milan Topolovec of TK Financial Group is looking really stylish and sophisticated in his classic navy suit from LGFG Fashion House London line. He decided to wear brown leather shoes with his bespoke suit – this is an excellent choice. Usually, it’s good to wear a tie of a different color to stand out a bit more but his blue tie is perfect. It’s a bit lighter tone and has a flashy light blue stripe on it which makes the whole look very modern and stylish. Also, the patterned pocket square is working its magic and fits perfectly into the combo. A very classic style with a subtle twist!
Milan’s tailor is Madeline Mason.


Eduardo Trigo y Sierra

Eduardo Trigo y Sierra of Uria Menendez also chose to get himself a royal blue suit from LGFG Fashion House Paris line. But unlike Milan, Eduardo shows us that a navy suit works perfectly with black leather shoes as well. He wore the suit with light blue shirt and opted for a silver tone tie with dark spots that truly pops.
Eduardo’s tailor is Jully Molina.


Dr. Jason Werle

Dr. Jason Werle of Alberta Hip & Knee opted for a slightly different blue LGFG Fashion House suit than the first two. The checked suit from our White Label line has some purple hues in it which Dr. Werle perfectly emphasizes with a purple handkerchief. Laid back black shoes are perfect for this colourful combination, as brown or other colors would have made the combo a little too colourful. Same goes with the white LGFG bespoke shirt. Finding the right balance between subtle and flashy to fit your look is key!
Jason’s tailor is Matheus Araujo.

Buttons or Cuff Links?

Let’s look at another specific and important part of your suit and shirts – the buttons. At LGFG, we put a lot of thought and attention into even the smallest details of our garments so you don’t have to. We have already talked about collars, ties, and pocket squares, so let’s cover our buttons and cuffs.

Most people think that buttons are just for keeping your shirt from falling off your body or your jacket from flapping in the wind, but that’s just the obvious stuff. Of course, it’s important that you have all the buttons you need to keep the garments on your body, but the style of button is also an important detail that can set your suit or shirt apart from the crowd. Customizing your buttons is totally up to you, whether you like them in a classic white or black, or if you’re more adventurous and are looking for something more colourful, or textured, or even metal.. There are many options, but we think that one set of buttons that might deserve special attention are the buttons on your cuffs.

Here are five of the most common ways to close the end of your sleeve:

* For short sleeves, no buttons are needed. Short sleeved shirts are a great way to stay looking great while you’re trying to keep cool. Trumps a polo or even rolled up sleeves on your favourite LGFG shirt.

* One-button barrel button is very classic and safe bet to go with any event. By far our most popular option. Barrel buttons are perfectly suited for your day-to-day life – the office, important meetings, or dinner out in the evening.

* Two-button cuff, both with rounded cuffs or regular. It’s a little dressier than a one-button cuff but still not over the top formal. This button style will give you a crisp, modern appearance.

* Two-button mitered cuff is a fashion forward look that works with most fabrics and situations. It’s a popular option that is dressier than a standard barrel cuff. This cuff is a good match to work with large watches, or roll up your sleeves since the cuff is slightly wider than other options.


* The most formal cuff choice is, of course, the French cuff. It is a fold-over style that requires cuff links. This style is a must for black tie occasions – it’s a go to choice for tuxedo shirts. But, for some, they can be a little too formal to be worn everyday unless you like making a statement. There is also a rounded French cuff which is just like the normal one but for the rounded corner on the back edge nearest the wrist. It’s no less formal, butt simply another style option. The rounded French cuff also requires a cufflinks.

Our recommendation, if you’re unsure which cuff or button style is right for you, go with the one-button barrel. You simply can’t go wrong with this choice for almost all scenarios.