Sportswear has aggressively changed the face of fashion for several years now. We’ve accepted it because what can be better than being trendy and feeling comfortable? There is one thing better though – to look great and elegant! Think about those older Italian gentlemen who never leave the house without being groomed to the 9’s. It’s them that have inspired the designers for this Fall/Winter, with their seemingly effortless stylishness. How do they do that?

The first thing about ‘effortless style’ is saying good-bye to matchy-matchy pocket squares and ties. You need to look effortlessly chic, like you haven’t even put any attention to the detail (which is not true of course). Model and designer Richard Biedul give advice on how to master this look: “To master this art, invest in suit separates, relaxed Oxford shirts, an assortment of silk neck scarves and voluminous overcoats. You want layer upon layer of loose-fitting fabric, never perfectly adorned but always perfectly considered.”

The trendy colours to play around with this season are brown and grey – as was seen during the fashion weeks.

See the gallery below to get inspired on how to style these colours for a effortlessly chic Fall look:

GUCCI Fall/Winter 2018

BOSS Fall/Winter 2018

AMI Fall/Winter 2018

DIOR Fall/Winter 2018

GIORGIO ARMANI Fall/Winter 2018

VERSACE Fall/Winter 2018

TOM FORD Fall/Winter 2018


In the same way that leaves are slowly turning from green to yellow and red, we’ve noticed how the suits of our clients have started to turn to darker hues. Fall is officially here and we can notice it everywhere around us (except for our lucky clients who live in the Southern Hemisphere – we are secretly jealous over your just starting Spring and all the Summer holiday fun ahead!)… For the rest of us, the best suits of October are the perfect transition from fun and easy going Summer season to the more serious tones of the darker seasons. Fall is the time for new beginnings – new school years, new business ideas, new partnerships etc. The best looks are perfect for this upcoming business season – yet they can transmit perfectly to a slightly more festive event as well. Just as easily as the leaves are changing their colours…

Mark Hayward, Director at Tristram European VW and Škoda, got a beautiful new number from LGFG Fashion House for this new business season. His suit from our Paris line turned out just perfectly refined and stylish. Mark chose to add some colour to his dark suit with lilac pocket square and white check shirt. The checked shirts add so much sense of style to his total look. Mark has trusted our executive clothier Rachel Gibbings from New Zealand to be his personal tailor.

Daniel Szmaragowski, Partner at KPMG Czech Republic, is surely a man who loves patterns. He chose to style his new checked Technical line suit to a dotty patterned shirt. Some might call it a risky game but he plays it flawlessly! The silver grey pocket square is just a dot on the i or should I say a cherry on the top… Daniel’s perfect suit is created by our clothier Thisa Phan who works in Austria and Czech Republic.

Last but definitely not least is Dariush Ghassemi from Mazars. How amazing does he look in his new navy blue three-piece suit from LGFG Fashion House Technical line? We’d say simply fantastic! Purple details, crisp white shirt and brown shoes are creating a perfect look. Dariush’s personal tailor is Raivis Ivkins who works in Germany.




LGFG Fashion House is proud to introduce you one of our market leaders, executive clothier Justas Valantinas from Lithuania. Let’s get to know him better – what motivates him, how he found a way into the fashion world and what advice he has to give.

Justas was born in the capital city of Lithuania – Vilnius. He also studied there and graduated the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, specialising in business management.

Justas is a man who’s been keen to work in the business world, so how did he become interested in style and fashion? “When I was 7 years old I started ballroom dancing and did it for more than 12 years. During this time I had to follow fashion because if you compete in high level you not only have to dance well but also “look your brand” when you are on the stage.”

So how did he find LGFG Fashion House and decide to become a member of the LGFG family? “I found out about LGFG from my good friend Katrin Kiviselg who is now CSO in this company. I met up with her in Paris when I was traveling and she told me lots of good stories about this business, relationships with clients, tailor made suits etc. I was fascinated about the idea of working with high level executives, traveling, and opportunities which the company provides and its amazing products. Also my great-grandfather and grandfather both were tailors. Everyday I saw how they work since I was a child, so it felt like a perfect business for me. To be a good tailor you need to understand what clients like. Everybody is different and what suits for one person doesn‘t necessarily suit another.”

Justas shares that LGFG has brought a new adventure to his life: “Like building my office, helping people to achieve their goals. Growing myself as a person and entrepreneur. My favourite part working in fashion word is helping people to feel good and confident.”

In his free time Justas likes to travel and explore new places, read self development-, philosophy- and biography books. And he also loves basketball: “I am Lithuanian, so it‘s the number 1 sport for me!”

Now let’s talk about style. Which suit is Justas’s favourite? “My favourite suit is my navy with checks with the shiny purple lining inside.” Great taste, we must agree.

We were also very eager to know what style advice would the man from fashion world give us? “For a suit, select classical colours first, like navy or grey with a small pattern, and don‘t be afraid to match it with complimentary-coloured socks. I think it‘s one of the best way to make your outfit look interesting even if you have to be very conservative at work.”




September is in full speed already and it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves of some office style guide basics. Whether you work in a busy office or have your own small business, it’s important to know some office style basics:

Let’s face it – there are a lot of advantages associated with dressing well at work. When you’re better dressed, people will treat you differently- better. Your look is the first impression that you give, unfortunately crafting judgement about you no matter how smart or educated you are.

The importance of appearance extends beyond the workplace and into general society as well. And more than that – it has an effect on you. Psychologist say that when you are feeling down, take a shower, put on new clothes, get a haircut and your mood will improve.

Here’s some basics to remember:


The golden rule about looking good is wearing clothes that fit you well. You don’t want some buttons popping out in the middle of a presentation. Only way to find clothes that fit like a glove, is to have a great tailor. Made-to-measure clothes are also easier to get made, than to find the perfect look for your body build at the stores. For example, LGFG Fashion House clothiers will come to your home or office to measure you up and also the fitting and product delivering will happen wherever you want. No running around and wasting your precious time at the malls.


Before purchasing your clothes, consider their quality. Check the buttons – do they work properly? Are they sewed on nicely, meaning there are no threads? What about stitching? If it feels loose or looks badly done – it probably is. Keep in mind that like most things, even though better quality products might cost you extra, they will last longer.


It’s not about owning a lot of different shirts, it’s about owning good ones. Throw away the ones you don’t put on with excitement (anymore).


You need to feel comfortable in your pants – wether you need to move around a lot or sit behind your office desk. The perfect fit for this is straight cut pants. Straight cut pants that are perfectly fitted for your body will save you from the “squeezed” feeling. Because we just don’t feel good if we have to wear something uncomfortable. If you have a slim build you can opt for a slim dress pant as well. These will give you more modern look if that’s your cup of tea.

NB: Forget about skinny jeans and flared pants as your office attire. These are a big NO.


Belts are great for the office! They will give a much more serious vibe to your look and if you have the belt loops – they look naked without a belt. Don’t forget to match your belt with your shoes! When wearing a black belt, consider wearing black shoes also. The colours doesn’t necessarily have to match 100% but it’s easier to begin with. In traditional tailoring, a ‘well made pant’ was one without belt loops so that it can be work without a belt to show perfect tailoring, but today that’s more of a fashion statement. LGFG gives you the option of built in pant-adjusters as a standard feature, which is something our pants have become renowned for, but we also make an excellent belt for you!


If your office dress code includes a tie, then there are a few things to keep in mind: 1) Your tie should reach just past your belt buckle. 2) If you have wider shoulders, opt for wider tie and vice versa. It’s a nice idea to match your tie to the colours of your pocket square or the lining inside your suit (but not exactly the same patterns with a tie!) You can’t go wrong with burgundy, red and navy blue.


Nowadays your socks don’t have to be – and probably shouldn’t be – black and boring. It’s totally acceptable to spice up your outfit with colourful and playful socks. Check out LGFG bamboo socks- Bamboo doesn’t absorb moisture so will be more comfortable and hygienic than cotton! LGFG Bamboo socks are the best in industry.


When choosing an office look, try neutral colours: gray or blue are perfect options when talking about suits. You can add some extra colour with your shirt or accessories. But don’t consider wearing something too bright at the office (unless you’re the boss and can get away with it!)


Patterned fabric is great way to play with your style. Checked and vertical patterns are great for the office look ,but keep the colours neutral again.


Invest in good quality accessories! Your watch, belt, shoes and briefcase should all be great quality. They doesn’t need to cost you a fortune but don’t choose the cheapest products and always be sure that you’re wearing 100% leather. LGFG Shoes can be a great start!




There are hundreds of thousands different shoe brands around the World so one might ask why have something made from scratch?


You are unique so why should your shoes be a mass product? LGFG shoes are only made when they’re ordered- they are authentic. Every pair is handcrafted and there is no 100% same pair in the World! All LGFG Fashion House shoes are handmade.


Simply, the better quality of a handmade product is quickly apparent. From laces to the stitching – it’s the little things that are invisible, but crucial. From sourcing the leathers (in Italy), pattern cutting, sewing, assembly to the finishing painting touches and packaging- handmade is what makes the difference.


You know that feeling when you kind of like that pair of shoes from the store but it doesn’t fit? Or you like the style but the colour isn’t ‘you’? Or you find a great shoe, the one you were expecting to find but they don’t have your size? You never have to worry about that with LGFG handmade leather dress shoes.


Although these handmade leather shoes are unique, you still have a wide choice of models and colours to choose from. The hand painted finish is utterly unique and breathes authenticity into each pair of shoes. Check LGFG selection HERE.


There is an old saying that everyone spends their money differently, but people who can afford it, always wear good shoes.

“A man who works with his hands is a labourer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.” We can guarantee LGFG handmade leather shoes are done by the true artists – well, Artisans, to be more precise.

Find a great selection of your new LGFG sole mates HERE. NB! LGFG Fashion House now offers a selection of black and brown leather belts to match your shoes!

For more information contact your LGFG clothier HERE.





August is a time when most people are on their holidays. Yet it’s also the time when you feel the upcoming Autumn vibes in the air and its time to start preparing for the new working season ahead. What would be a better motivation for starting a busy September than investing in a new work outfit! LGFG clients know that this is the best time to do so. Here are the three finest options from August:

Mark Drabble from Optiro received his new suit just in time for the recent Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum event. He was turning heads in his brand new Paris line jacket which looks absolutely great on him! Mark’s navy blue jacket with purple lining and handkerchief is a masterpiece from our executive clothier Leonhard Hopkins from Perth, Australia.

And another client named Mark, from Giltrap Group, got his hands on his freshly ready bespoke suit. What a stunning 2 piece blue checked suit he got from our Paris sporting line! This is a seriously stunning suit that he styled with a crisp white shirt and a dark tie. Lighter pocket square suits the look perfectly. Mark’s clothier is Rachel Gibbings from Auckland, New Zealand.

All three great looks this month have been from our Paris line! This is a fantastic blue suit that our client Teddy Ko, Country Director at Singtel, is wearing. He also chose to style his new bespoke suit with a simple white shirt which is also from LGFG Fashion House. What a perfect result! Teddy’s executive clothier is Chenda Lin from Hong Kong.





It’s the dog days of summer and this article is about to give you some advice on how to look elegant, stylish and cool (literally) during your days off. Probably most people prefer not to pack suits on their holiday suitcase (if it doesn’t include some festive event like a wedding or some other event where you need to dress up of course). But there are some things in your wardrobe that you can mix and match between office and holiday:

White shirt

There is probably no more universal and practical item to wear with more utility that a crisp white shirt. You can wear it to a wedding party, under your suit in the office or at the beach. Yes. Wear your white shirt with your shorts and add some espadrilles or moccasins and a panama hat and voila! Beach chic look is born. Especially good when you opt to go to a beach club where you can sunbathe, swim and sit down in a restaurant to sip that cocktail.


* For your beach-wear opt for a white shirt that is made of linen, but cotton works fine too

* Better to have the shirt more loose fit and not that slim fit; much more comfortable this way.

* The shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be white. Think of pastel colours – pink, light blue, lilac etc. These are all good for your elegant summer outfit.


Blazer made of breathable fabric

Another item that you might already own is a summer suit that is made of breathable fabric. If you need to look business casual you can wear the whole suit but if you are on a vacation and going out for a dinner then put the blazer on top of your polo shirt (or even a usual t-shirt) and your trousers or shorts (we don’t mean the sport shorts here of course). A blazer can turn your super casual outfit to a more elegant one. But if you are going to a fancy restaurant then always check the dress code. Some places don’t allow men in with shorts and some places don’t let you in without a jacket. And this is exactly where that lightweight blazer comes in handy. Tip: try a Bamboo blazer.



Some summers are so hot that even wearing a blazer seems to be too much. If you have a fancy event coming up then in some occasions its ok to skip the jacket and put on your vest instead. A vest is such a practical investment! During summer time you can wear it instead of your jacket and during cold winter months you can wear it underneath your jacket to keep you warmer and you’re dressed ‘in-season’ in both!




Pictures: Internet


During the hottest time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) we have noticed that our clients have gone in 2 directions – some like very colourful custom made shirts and suits yet others prefer simplicity. So this time, the “best suits of the month” post is dedicated to the lovers of simple and easy outfits. These hard working business folks can be categorized by one Oscar Wilde quote: “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Samuel Tsang

Samuel Tsang is a Partner at Deloitte, and he stands out in a sharp, clean look. He chose a medium grey plain fabric for his LGFG Fashion House Tokyo line suit. Best look with a grey suit is definitely a crisp white custom shirt and that’s exactly what our stylish clients have opted for. Samuel’s masterpiece is done by our Executive Clothier Chenda Lin who is based in Hong Kong.

Eric Young

Eric Young, a Partner at PwC, is another client of Chenda. Eric chose a grey POW check with red over check fabric to be made into his newest suit from LGFG Fashion House Tokyo line. He also chose to pair these new designs with a white shirt and no tie – but added a pinkish handkerchief that adds an extra style touch to his total look.

Samuel Williams

Samuel Williams from Aamplify chose this elegant piece from LGFG Fashion House Technical line. The linen grey blend suit featuring white piping and smoke mother of pearl buttons adding a unique, yet understated contrast to his look. What a great idea to add that white pocket square that matches his white shirt and this shade of grey suit perfectly! This look is created by our Executive Clothier Rachel Gibbings who is based in Auckland, New Zealand.




Meet LGFG Corporate Recruiter

LGFG is super proud of our team and we’re growing growing rapidly. There is a special person behind that – meet our in-house recruiter Erika Kazakov! She is the first to find and meet new candidates worldwide for LGFG!
Erika was born in Koenigsberg (as the city of Kaliningrad was once known), but spent the rest of her childhood in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently she is based in LGFG Tallinn office.

Although usually she is the one asking questions from the candidates, this time we asked some questions about her. Erika’s educational background is very interesting:
“After graduating from a Jewish Gymnasium in Estonia, I continued studying in Tallinn University (Degree in Arts and Social Sciences). Later on, while being on the 8th month of pregnancy, I finished master degree from Malmö University in Sweden (Communications).”

We were eager to know when did she become interested in style and fashion?

“I was probably 11 or 12. I realized that they way that people dressed was one of the strongest ways that we indicated our social status.” So young yet so correct about this one, wasn’t she?

So what about LGFG? Why did she decide to join LGFG?

“There are two things which matched my values: First, investing in yourself is one of the best returns
on investment you can have. Second, physical appearance does matter in building
relationships: people who are well put-together are more likely to become leaders, get better
opportunities, and attract other sharp people. LGFG has brought into my life highly intelligent people, along with their international experience and leadership.”

We also wanted to know what does this smart and stylish woman likes to do on her spare time?

“My spare time usually contains of me interacting with my two little monkeys (Oscar and Clea), reading books (that I have couple of hundred at home) and traveling. Whether it’s a long trip to South Africa or a short one to South of Estonia, does not matter.
Travel is enriching!“

And we couldn’t stop ourselves and had to ask her a little style advice. She says that her favourite suit is a classic white pant suit. But that’s not all:

“I think my fashion and shopping style actually mirrors my work style. I’m highly organized, push for quality, and respond to traditional power structures. I am living with the idea of minimalism (I literally have 29 pieces in my wardrobe), and it helps me achieve two things: 1) not spending my time on mix and matching the outfits – I have them laid out together on the hanger 2) focusing on my goals (rather on the things).”

And finally we asked her what does she thinks are important skills for being a great tailor?

“A successful clothier is supposed to be an individual with personality, strong character and above all, exceptional habits.”

So if you feel like you have all these skills and you’d be interested to work in LGFG Fashion House, then Erika is currently searching new clothiers in:

Hong Kong

Toronto, Canada 

Vilnius, Lithuania 

Prague, Czech Republic 

Montreal, Canada

Bratislava, Slovakia 

Calgary, Canada

Brussels, Belgium

E-mail your CV and cover letter to Erika: e.kazakov@lgfgfashionhouse.com

Summer Shoes

Of course there is no such thing as summer shoes but there are shoes that can only be worn during summer time. We like to keep our looks elegant even on our days off. So which are the most elegant shoe options for the hot weather days?

Of course our number one pick is a loafer. It’s an elegant shoe that can perfectly be worn with a summer suit. These can be worn during winter too of course – totally depends on where you live- but not a great choice in the snow! No problems wearing these in Miami during December but much more difficult if you’re in Europe or Canada. Although – interesting fact is that loafers were invented in Europe by King George VI in the 1920s. The British ruler requested for a casual shoe to “loaf” in his chilly country houses. The model was quickly adapted for outdoor wear. Loafers are multifunctional – they can be worn with trousers and blazer but they also look great with polo shirts and shorts. Loafers give an outfit a more natural and comfortable look.

If you haven’t got a pair of loafers in your summer wardrobe then it’s the last time to call your LGFG executive clothier and get a pair of quality handmade leather loafers from LGFG. Meanwhile you can check out our other style options HERE.