LGFG’s custom tailored suits are made from the finest fabrics and constructed by some of the best bespoke tailors in the industry. LGFG custom suits have gained a reputation for their ability to last without puckering, bubbling or shining, due to our high quality construction. However, even high quality custom suits could benefit from some simple daily maintenance. By following the steps listed below, LGFG clients can easily prolong the life of their custom clothing.

Many clients ask us how long a custom suit should last. The answer to that question depends to a large degree on how often the suit is dry cleaned. Even though LGFG custom suits are made of the finest materials, when 500 degrees of heat hits a garment over and over, even the best construction will crumble and cause the entire suit to lose its shape. Moreover, dry cleaning machines can often press down on clothing at a less than optimal angle, distorting the shape of the suit. Our advice is that you avoid the dry cleaners as much as possible. Your custom suit should be dry cleaned only if it is dirty or if it begins to smell. Note that you should never apply an iron to the suit yourself—you are sure to see your own reflection in the suit the following day.

All wool suits, custom or not, are prone to wrinkling. To smooth your custom suit, hang the jacket on a regular wooden hanger, and hang the pants on woman’s skirt hanger, latching the cuffs on top and letting the waistband drop down toward the floor. Place the clothes in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. The steam combined with the hanging weight of the clothes will smooth out the wrinkles.

Other ways to care for your custom suits include:

1. When it rains or snows, be careful to brush the water off rather than press it into your garment. The less water your custom suit absorbs, the longer it will last. Be sure to hang your custom suits on sturdy and wide wood hangers. Plastic hangers will cause your jacket shoulders to compress.

2. While the dry cleaner should be avoided whenever possible, spend a few extra dollars and go to a reputable place. You will save money in the long run.

3. When packing your suit for a trip always put the LGFG garment bag over it. This will prevent wrinkling and protect the suit in case something spills inside your case.

4. Try not to use the front pockets of the suit at all, but if you must use them, make sure the items are light, like business cards or handkerchiefs. Placing anything with any kind of substantial weight in the front pockets causes the front of the coat to sag down and lose its shape. It also does damage to the inside lining and potentially the fabric behind it.

5. Try and rotate the wearing of your suits as evenly as possible. Wearing a suit two days in a row or three times in a week is a recipe for disaster.

6. Always hang up your custom suits. Leaving them laying around only leads to excessive wrinkling and an eventual trip to the dry cleaner. In addition, throwing suits on the floor or bed etc. leaves the suit in an unusual position for a long period of time and will eventually cause certain delicate parts of the suit (like the lapel) to lose its shape.

7. Never separate the jacket and the pant as an outfit. Always wear them together. If you start wearing the jacket as a stand alone blazer as well as with the suit, the jacket will wear out faster than the pant. On that note, when you dry clean, always dry clean both the jacket and pant-doing one without the other might cause the color to fade differently.

8. Always remove the garment bag before hanging up your custom suit. Hanging up in a garment bag for a prolonged amount of time will not allow the fibers and fabric of the suit to “breathe”. This will lead to a breakdown in the construction of the garment.

9. To get out wrinkles, hang the jacket and pants separately (hang the pants from the cuffs on a woman’s skirt hanger, if available) in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. Steam with hot water on for 5-10 minutes and then let sit in the bathroom for about 30 minutes and wait for the creases to let out.

10. After wearing your suit, roll it with a lint roller before hanging back in closet.  This will take off excess dirt, hair and lint accumulated throughout the day.


There are some essential steps for keeping your LGFG leather shoes looking fresh for an extended period of time.

Firstly, and to the surprise of some who haven’t been informed on this, leather shoes should not be worn on consecutive days. Often we don’t see the shoes in the same way we do shirts or pants for example, yet many of wouldn’t wear the same one of those on back to back days. Shoes need a good day to breathe and dry off in between wearings (from both internal and external moisture), and for this reason having multiple pairs of “go-to” shoes will drastically increase the life of the shoes and in the long run save you money. When you take your shoes off, DO NOT dry them using a radiator or some alternative source – let them dry naturally, best of all on a shoe tree.

Secondly, it’s important to have your shoes cleaned. Specifically, use a pre-cleaner and then a brush, and to leverage the cleaning process long term, use a waterproofing and conditioning product before you wear your shoes to make further cleanings easier. This will ensure the longevity of your shoes is maximized. Pay attention that you’re using the correct product, as they will vary for types of leather (for example, suede, etc)

When cleaning your shoes, also remember to use a leather cleaner appropriate for the kind of leather – do not confuse smooth leather with suede! Leather cleaners come in a variety of soaps, gels, etc. Lay your shoes out on some newspapers and brush them down to clean; a pair of gloves can come in handy here too!

Then, apply a conditioner to your shoes, which is also sold as either a “2 in 1” product along with the cleaner, or separately. Apply and spread the conditioner with a rag and after a few minutes, wipe the shoe off as the leather will only absorb what it can.

Finally, you will want to polish your shoes to keep them looking shiny and fresh – keep in mind that some shoe polishes are toxic so check the label and wear gloves if necessary!

For any questions, please contact us!