Suit of the Week – Ben Tsui

It is Friday and that means it is time for the “Suit of the Week” honors. 

This week belongs to Ben Tsui, Senior Specialist, Transaction Management Office at Enbridge

He is wearing his new LGFG FASHION HOUSE, Paris line suit. This is a lightweight summer suit with a beautiful silk/wool blend complemented by a bicycle liner.

The bicycle theme would make legendary singer, Freddie Mercury of one of the greatest bands of all time, Queen, proud. 

Cue the music, Queen’s classic hit song called Bicycle Race.

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle.

Every Friday deserves an epic soundtrack to kick off the weekend and what better way to kick of summer season than enjoying a bike ride on a sunny day.

Ben’s Executive Clothier is Aron Klassen.

Corporate Wild – The Owl

The owl is the wisest of all birds because the more it sees the less it talks. (African Proverb)

The Owl symbolizes a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. From it’s high up perch, the mighty bird observes the landscape, always totally calm and composed. Then when the moment is right, in one swift swoop pounces on its target with its razor beak and sharp claws. 

People with the Owl personality in the corporate wild are wise through experience and know when to sit back, listen and observe. They are always analyzing information, formulating plans and strategizing their next well thought out move. These people are so valuable to organizations as they do not make rash decisions based on emotions and they are very good at reading people and the business landscape. Thus, when they make a move, present an idea, or speak up, everyone around them attentively listens. Calmness coupled with assertiveness creates an aura about them that inspires.

They are sharp in their speech, action, and behavior, always tactful and on point. These people have years of experience to draw from and are excellent visionaries. For all these reasons you will find Owl personalities perched atop the corporate hierarchy. Think Canadian business mogul, Jim Treliving.

Suit of the Week – Thorsten Sackmann


The Suit of the Week honors goes to Thorsten Sackmann, Director at UBS in Hamburg.

He is looking dapper in his new LGFG FASHION HOUSE, Paris line suit.

Thorsten’s Executive Clothier is Raivis Ivkins.

As a Director, one must have a vision and strategy for achieving both short and long term corporate objectives. This requires creative thinking, experience, leadership qualities, and expertise.

Did you know wearing suits is directly linked with creative ability, power, and leadership?

If you want to be a big-ideas person at work, suit up. A paper in August 2015 in Social Psychological and Personality Science asked subjects to change into formal or casual clothing before cognitive tests. Wearing formal business attire increased abstract thinking—an important aspect of creativity and long-term strategizing. The experiments suggest the effect is related to feelings of power.

When you feel powerful, confident and creative then you are able to bring a dynamic to the workplace that inspires others and propels you to success.

Suit of the Week – Bernhard Stacher

The LGFG FASHION HOUSE suit of the week honors goes to Bernhard M. S., Vice President Corporate Hotel Operations at MSC Cruises

He is looking stellar in his new LGFG Tokyo line suit. 

Bernhard’s Executive Clothier is Justas Valantinas

It is a known fact that being well dressed helps you make a better first impression.

This concept was demonstrated by three researchers from North East London Polytechnic.

They wanted to answer a basic question:

Does clothing influence first impressions?

To answer their question, they conducted a simple yet effective study:

An experimenter would approach individuals and ask them if they were willing to help them with an advertising survey. The experimenter wore two different outfits (one smartly dressed and one untidily dressed) and tracked the number of individuals who agreed or refused based on each outfit.

What they found was incredible:

– Older men agreed 23% more to a well-dressed man.

– Older women agreed 73% more to a well-dressed man.

– Younger women agreed 98% more to a well-dressed man. 

Judd, N., Bull, R., & Gahagan, D. (1975). The effects of clothing style upon the reactions of a stranger. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 3, 225-228.

Put on your LGFG suit and make a resounding impression.

Corporate Wild – The Fox

Yes – Run with the Fox. 

Run with the fox into the wind
On to the dawn of tomorrow
Run with the fox into the [corporate] wild

The Fox symbolizes many qualities that are found in the most successful leaders such as sensing opportunity, agility, cleverness, wisdom, curiosity, charm and physical and mental responsiveness.

People with the Fox personality in the corporate wild are quick to react and highly adaptable. They hurdle over any obstacles and when there is a problem they only see solutions to get around them. 

These people carry with them a certain charisma and energy into any project, task, and meeting.  They are clever in how they deal with all different kinds of people and use body language, tone of voice and tools like high-status humor to elevate themselves in the corporate hierarchy. 

These behaviors are so attuned that to others it appears effortless. This is what draws people in and compels them to follow the Foxes lead i.e to run with the fox to the tomorrow which is the same idea as the leader leading the business into each new day. 

In an ever-changing business landscape of new technologies, competition, outsourcing, etc the key to success is adaptability.

Famous Fox like personalities include Gary Vaynerchuk, Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos, and Grant Cardone 

LGFG Bamboo Polos

LGFG Bamboo Polos are landing with your Executive Clothier this week right on time for the summer season. 

“I love dress shirts, but on weekends and often when I travel, I rock my Bamboo Polo, often with a jacket over top. For the summer casual days in your firm, we specifically constructed the collars on these to fit perfectly with your blazers, so you can take your business casual game to the next level while remaining comfortable and looking sharp. 

The material is our own Bamboo/Lycra weave, for ultimate coolness, comfort and stretch, and performance. Your favorite Polo in the world has just arrived.” Dimitry Toukhcher

Suit of the Week – Chin Han

LGFG FASHION HOUSE Suit of the Week.

This week’s honors go to Chin Han, a Singaporean actor of stage, film, and television whose career has spanned more than 20 years.

Here he is pictured in his LGFG suit, one of 12 bespoke suits that were made for last summer’s blockbuster, Skyscraper starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The film was produced by Legendary EntertainmentFlynn Picture Company, seven bucks productions, and distributed by Universal Pictures International Entertainment Universal Pictures.


We are pleased to team up with the Professional Hockey Players’​ Association to provide the athletes of the American Hockey League the finest custom tailoring hand-delivered to them at home, at the rink or the hotel, by our Executive Clothiers anywhere in Canada.

Professional Athletes must look the part. They represent the city they play in, the organization, the history of the team, the fans and the Country from which they hail. 

Nothing says sophistication, style, and status like a custom-tailored suit from LGFG FASHION HOUSE. 

Suit Up for the game!

LGFG + Chief of Finance

Today LGFG FASHION HOUSE Executive Clothiers, Laur Juhan Luuk and Rivo Schultz are at the Business Insight Group Inc. Chief of Finance 2019. 

Finland’s most significant decision-makers are in attendance discussing the changing role of the Chief Financial Officer. 

One thing that doesn’t change is the importance of fashion and presentation when conducting business. People whether consciously or unconsciously influence each other by the way they dress. Thus, there will always be a connection between fashion and soft power. 

Soft power is a persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the use of economic or cultural influence, precisely the type of power necessary for CFO’s and major decision makers.

Thanks to LGFG, several lucky attendees were measured up for their own bespoke LGFG shirt, including Antti Harsunen, Country Manager from Signicat and Kari Lehtosalo, CFO from IBM among others.

Corporate Wild – The Pitbull

Who let the dogs out?

The Pitbull is a stunning creature, strong, energetic, agile and powerful. They are also very resourceful and driven. 

In the Corporate world, people with Pitbull personality are those who pour their heart and soul into what they do. They leave no stone unturned, take no short cuts, and have no excuses. These individuals are accountable, results driven and confident. They possess an intimidation factor because of their confidence and skills are so adept. In organizations, Pitbulls are the top dogs and they call the shots. Think Kevin O’Leary, Chairman at O’Shares ETF Investments and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. He is one of the most prominent businessmen in Canada. Be a Pitbull and pursue your goals like a dog on raw meat.

Put on your LGFG suit and unleash the Pitbull