Meet Your LGFG Executive Clothier: Chenda Lin

Crawford Spratt, Counsel at Borden Ladner Gervais, describes Chenda’s work as, “great service, appropriate suggestions with a fair price and a great product equals an top of the line experience.” Frank Bowman, Litigation Partner at Dentons says, “Chenda is efficient and service oriented. He carries a wide range of materials and products and everything is made to measure. I find that purchasing my work and upper end casual clothing through Chenda saves a lot of time.” These are just a couple of testimonials out of hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied clients working with LGFG Executive Clothier, Chenda Lin. Continue reading “Meet Your LGFG Executive Clothier: Chenda Lin” »

Meet Your LGFG Clothier: Julian

Julian Burreci has never quite fit the mould- a practitioner of the arts, Julian took a very different path to becoming an Executive Clothier at LGFG Fashion House. Certified in Medical QiGong, longtime DJ at popular Toronto establishments, and film school graduate who can be found performing improv and stand-up in the Toronto scene, Julian “heard” about LGFG Fashion House at a Vipassana meditation retreat. An artist will be in touch with fashion- oh did we mention he also collects fine art? Aside from being an impeccable dresser with a flare for modern style, he can talk to you about awakening your fashion sense, just as easily as he can talk to you about awakening your spiritual self. The outfits he will create for you will surely have a sense for the artistic and extraordinary. Continue reading “Meet Your LGFG Clothier: Julian” »

March 8- Dressing for Success for Women

Today’s corporate environment is increasingly more influenced by more and more talented and successful ladies. Some of our best lady clients juggle a family life at home while duelling with incredible responsibilities at work, and we frankly don’t how they can manage- us men are lost enough as it is doing one thing at a time (and it’s sometimes hard to do just one thing well). However, lady clients are a very important demographic for LGFG Fashion House, and we’d like to share a few tips on finding the best ladies suits that fit with today’s trends and styles, and also a few things of what to watch out for. Here a couple of excellent pointers for our well-dressed ladies. Continue reading “March 8- Dressing for Success for Women” »

What makes working at LGFG different from, say, working at a competitor…

What makes working at LGFG different from, say, working at a competitor…

Asked a candidate we were interviewing. I paused before answering because, frankly, it wasn’t going to be the answer she expected. That’s the next thing I said, too, “this won’t be the answer you are expecting.” What do people expect to hear when they ask that question? Continue reading “What makes working at LGFG different from, say, working at a competitor…” »

What makes an LGFG Clothier Unique to the Industry?

I was recently with a new client in Toronto who asked a compelling question to the two LGFG clothiers sitting in front of him – “does everyone this company hires operate at this level?” Of course we had to ask what he meant. “Well,” said the client, “I’m not used to dealing with clothiers who can speak my language- where did you guys go to school?” It was a huge compliment. Continue reading “What makes an LGFG Clothier Unique to the Industry?” »

The Advantages of What I Bring to You as Your Personal LGFG Tailor

For men that are new to the LGFG shopping experience, the process might seem absurdly simple and even odd. It is our nature to stick to what we’ve always done because it is known and safe, even if it might not be the best route to take. At LGFG Fashion House, we believe we’re onto something big – the easiest, most certain and most profitable (yes, I said profitable) shopping experience on the planet. We believe this is the way of the future for the upper-middle class. Here’s why. Continue reading “The Advantages of What I Bring to You as Your Personal LGFG Tailor” »


We’ve seen trends like funky socks invade our wardrobe. Bowties are coming back in a big way. Heck, even 3 piece-suits are back in style and that’s not even the last of it!
The next big trend is awesome shoes! Awesome, you say? Yes. Awwwweeesome.

For years we’ve meddled with the basics- black, brown…well that’s it there was nothing else. But like color has sprung back into shirts and suits and accessories, men, who now outspend women on shoes in many markets, are turning to more color in their footwear. Continue reading “THE NEXT BIG THING IS HERE TO STAY: AWESOME SHOES” »

DON’T DO IT! Fashion NO’s

We spend a lot of time talking about what we SHOULD do – here are some things you SHOULDN’T

DO NOT wear cheap shoes with an expensive suit! It’s like driving a Ferrari without leather seats – it doesn’t make sense! It communicates “I want to look good but I can’t afford it!”  DON’T DO THAT! A great suit deserves great shoes! $100 shoes do not suffice!

DO NOT wear stripe on stripe. NO. It’s unfashionable and looks bad. Continue reading “DON’T DO IT! Fashion NO’s” »

What our clients are saying

Our clients are our most valuable asset at LGFG. They dictate our product and our service. We thought we would take a moment and ask some of our clients about their LGFG experience. Enjoy!