Most of you have been guilty of a ‘style sin’ at least one or twice in your life. Knowing the Seven Style Sins of menswear is the best way to look great every time you walk out the door. Looking good translates to feeling good about yourself.

The brain makes most of its initial judgments visually so the impression others form of you within a few seconds can colour their perspective. You might be able to change that view in later interactions but why not start off on the right foot? Continue reading “7 STYLE SINS” »

The Complete Guide to Buying a Tie

Even if you don’t typically wear men’s suits, knowing how to properly wear a tie is a must for any man past the age of 16. Here’s the first part in a complete guide to everything you need to know about wearing, matching and tying your ties.


Choosing a Tie

You’ve got endless choices when it comes to men’s ties. They come in every colour, fabric, design, width and length. There are so many choices it can become somewhat intimidating—to make it easier, here are the 10 essential ties you should have to go with your men’s suits.

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Women’s Suits – Adding the perfect blouse

Looking for the ideal blouse to punch up an old suit or pair with a new one? Simple and chic, this spring’s classic collarless blouses in soft fabrics are replacing stiff business shirts.


While Peter Pan collars and V-necks will carry over into the new season, they’ll be joined by a new and versatile addition: collarless blouses. You can easily pair one with any cut of jacket, trouser or skirt. Another advantage of these blouses is they can carry over from spring into the summer season, giving you a lot more wear.

2013 Spring colour trends for women’s fashions Continue reading “Women’s Suits – Adding the perfect blouse” »