Suit Trends for 2014

Are we going to now FINALLY see that long talked-about comeback of the (albeit fitted) double-breasted suit for 2014? Trends point to “no.”

Here’s what’s trending:
-3-piece suits. Back in a big way, a fitted 3-piece suit with a standard 5 or 6 button vest is going to be making more and a more appearances. While a square-bottom vest has set the norm in the past, more recently the angled bottom vest allows for a shorter vest style without compromising the look by draping a full 2” over the belt, as old-school vests tended to do (nowadays a fashion no-no). Continue reading “Suit Trends for 2014” »

Where to Draw the Line on Color

What are the basic rules of matching colors? Let’s first get the basics out of the way

First suit a man should own? Charcoal Solid. Second suit? Navy Solid, though not necessarily in that order. Third and fourth? Grey and Navy Stripe. Then black, brown, etc. For the time until you have a black suit, wearing your navy to a black tie is totally fine. Now, what about when you get outside the basic 4 or 5?
Let’s have some fun: A brown suit is back in style and is a killer. Brown communicates expertise, knowledge, trustworthiness – “what can brown do for you?” –UPS . The thing to keep in mind with brown, is you really don’t want to wear it with a white shirt because the white kills brown. Choose a cream or lavender shirt with your brown suit to get accused of knowing what you’re doing- blue is fine too, but then again, blue goes with anything. Continue reading “Where to Draw the Line on Color” »

The Difference in Dressing for Your Corporate Job – from Paris to Calgary

Having delivered several million dollars worth of bespoke suits and shirts in Calgary over the last several years, as well as having seen clients all across Canada, it makes for a unique opportunity to spend time with clients in France and observe the difference between the corporate-dress culture between these two highly unique markets.

To state it simply: corporate dress (surprisingly?) mirrors local cuisine and architecture. Continue reading “The Difference in Dressing for Your Corporate Job – from Paris to Calgary” »

Why Even Bother With Bespoke Tailoring?

You can get a great deal off the rack these days. Excess inventory, carry-over stock, rising overhead, and competition are all reasons why off-the-rack retailers can sell you a suit for 400 bucks and send you on your way. So why bother with Bespoke?

I’ve often asked my clients WHY they shop with me, as a way to understand what the perennial suit client thinks, and how I can “tailor” my business to fit in with that need. What I’ve found has been revealing. Continue reading “Why Even Bother With Bespoke Tailoring?” »

Defining Shoes Styles- by LGFG clothier Chenda Lin

Shoes, they are the essential details to create a positive first impression. It tells people that you care about the little details. Just like filling up a luxury vehicle with premium fuel. A nice suit requires shiny sharp looking shoes. They are an investment. With proper care and rotation, well-crafted shoes can last decades and still look as good as new. The good thing for men is that just like your navy and charcoal suit, sticking with only a few dress shoes will give you that extra notch in style.


The Oxford is the most popular dress shoe. It has rounded toe, closed lacing.  A nice pair of black Oxford shoes is essential in a man’s wardrobe. It can be worn in formal and casual setting. Also, it goes well with most suits.  Continue reading “Defining Shoes Styles- by LGFG clothier Chenda Lin” »

3 ways to blend fashion with comfort by Dimitry Toukhcher

Some cool fashion accessories to make your life easier

Fashion sometimes comes into direct conflict between its two most important variables: comfort vs. style. Certainly some tradeoff is to be expected and it’s naïve to think that isn’t so, but efficiencies CAN be increased when striking the right balance. Here are a 3 interesting suggestions to consider when wanting to keep one, yet not wanting to alleviate yourself completely of the other. Continue reading “3 ways to blend fashion with comfort by Dimitry Toukhcher” »

Dress for success- even when casual!

How to look great on a weekend (in casual wear) this fall

Working with a lot of busy professionals, I’ve noticed that guys get a little lost when it comes to picking out weekend or casual wear that still looks fashionable. Casual jeans and a t-shirt combo seems to be the “go to” look for the majority, so here are some tips to take the casual look up a notch.

1)    Sport coat. It’s the first item that helps to dress up the jeans/t-shirt look. Sport coats can have funkier pattern than your suits. A good choice of pattern is hound’s-tooth or windowpane. A safer choice, which is easier for matching, is a plain navy blue or a lighter gray color. Continue reading “Dress for success- even when casual!” »

What’s the deal with Bowties?

What’s the Deal With Bowties?


The most popular video in the history of YouTube prominently features Korean pop singer/dancer PSY bouncing around in a bowtie. Bet you didn’t notice until now. So, what’s the deal with bowties?

You’ve wondered because you see them (slowly?) coming back into mainstream, yet bowties still carry an air of insecurity to most. It’s what you don’t know that scares you: Did you know that the bowtie is tied with a “shoelace know” – now try tying one, that’s a whole different adventure.  Did you know that a bowtie is made out of Silk, Cotton, and even Wool; some might add Polyester to that list but we say “YUCK”- keep to the finer materials. For all the things you don’t know about bowties, let’s cover some basics: Continue reading “What’s the deal with Bowties?” »

Organize Your Closet

Seriously, do it. A custom tailored suit is made just for you, and should be treated with the same love as went into making it. It’s not just about being clean, but saving money–a lot of it.


Proper care to men’s suits, ties, shoes, shirts, and belts ensures that the pieces look as good as the day you bought them and say what you want them to say about you–you’re organized, detail oriented, and responsible. While your tailored men’s blazer shows your professionalism, the fading of the colour or stretching of the shoulders won’t, losing the power the suit gives you in the first place. Here are a few easy rules to help your look, mind, and wallet. Continue reading “Organize Your Closet” »

Caring For Your Custom Men’s Suit

It can’t be said enough; care is as important as cut. If you’re investing in a custom men’s suit, it’s worth it to know how to care for and when to clean your suit. More money will be saved in the end if anything from belts to suit jackets are cared for properly. A good rule of thumb is to offer your investment pieces the same amount of aftercare as went into the making of them–a lot, and it’s worth it! Continue reading “Caring For Your Custom Men’s Suit” »