We are pleased to team up with the Professional Hockey Players’​ Association to provide the athletes of the American Hockey League the finest custom tailoring hand-delivered to them at home, at the rink or the hotel, by our Executive Clothiers anywhere in Canada.

Professional Athletes must look the part. They represent the city they play in, the organization, the history of the team, the fans and the Country from which they hail. 

Nothing says sophistication, style, and status like a custom-tailored suit from LGFG FASHION HOUSE. 

Suit Up for the game!

LGFG + Chief of Finance

Today LGFG FASHION HOUSE Executive Clothiers, Laur Juhan Luuk and Rivo Schultz are at the Business Insight Group Inc. Chief of Finance 2019. 

Finland’s most significant decision-makers are in attendance discussing the changing role of the Chief Financial Officer. 

One thing that doesn’t change is the importance of fashion and presentation when conducting business. People whether consciously or unconsciously influence each other by the way they dress. Thus, there will always be a connection between fashion and soft power. 

Soft power is a persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the use of economic or cultural influence, precisely the type of power necessary for CFO’s and major decision makers.

Thanks to LGFG, several lucky attendees were measured up for their own bespoke LGFG shirt, including Antti Harsunen, Country Manager from Signicat and Kari Lehtosalo, CFO from IBM among others.

Corporate Wild – The Pitbull

Who let the dogs out?

The Pitbull is a stunning creature, strong, energetic, agile and powerful. They are also very resourceful and driven. 

In the Corporate world, people with Pitbull personality are those who pour their heart and soul into what they do. They leave no stone unturned, take no short cuts, and have no excuses. These individuals are accountable, results driven and confident. They possess an intimidation factor because of their confidence and skills are so adept. In organizations, Pitbulls are the top dogs and they call the shots. Think Kevin O’Leary, Chairman at O’Shares ETF Investments and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. He is one of the most prominent businessmen in Canada. Be a Pitbull and pursue your goals like a dog on raw meat.

Put on your LGFG suit and unleash the Pitbull

Corporate Jungle – The Elephant

The first Elephant in a suit was Babar the Elephant King, from 1931 in the French children’s book Histoire de Babar by Jean de Brunhoff.

There is an LGFG FASHION HOUSE elephant in the room, and he is truly King in his LGFG suit.

Elephants are considered the gentle giants of the jungle. However, with its sharp tusks, immense might and enormous stature the giants don’t mess around when challenged. Remarkably, elephants have distinct personalities and complex social interactions akin to humans. For almost two thousand years biologists and philosophers going back to Aristotle have viewed elephants as highly intelligent, wise and intuitive.

In elephants, the strongest personality that emerged was that of leadership, established not by dominance, but by the respect gained in showing intelligence and solving problems.

In the corporate jungle, those with the elephant personality are those individuals who are indispensable with their knowledge, skills, and abilities. You will find these individuals at the top of the organizational hierarchy, sitting on Board of Directors, Executive Councils or the CEOs themselves. Think legendary leaders like Grant CardoneRichard BransonMark CubanRyan Holmes among others.

Put on your LGFG suit and be The Elephant.

Corporate Jungle – The Jaguar

In the jungle, the Jaguar is a graceful, yet ferocious, feline. A representative of power, ferocity, and valor with an aggressive edge. The Jaguar is depicted in many ancient cultures as a leader and warrior that thrives outside of restricting confines.

In the corporate jungle, those with the Jaguar personality are rare individuals. They have the power to face down fears, stand up and defend themselves. Not a victim of group-think or being pushed around.

They are like the defensive ends in American Football for their organization. Think defensive end, Calais Campbell from the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL) sacking quarterbacks which enables the team to go on the offense. People who are Jaguars for their organizations identify targets like deadlines, sales goals, and deliverables and crush them. This enables the organization to move forward towards the touchdown of business short term and long term strategy.

Jaguars are passionate, confident, and possess a deeper understanding of life allowing them to see the big picture.  These are the people organizations want on their team.

Put on your LGFG FASHION HOUSE suit and be the Jaguar.

Suit of the Week – Chad Wignes

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the LGFG FASHION HOUSE Suit of the Week. 

This week’s honors go to Chad Wignes from Perpetual Energy Inc. looking sharp in his LGFG, Tokyo line suit in Dark Brown.

DJ hit the mic – Teriyaki Boyz, song: Tokyo Drift, from the Fast and Furious soundtrack.

I wonder if you know,

How they live in Tokyo,

If you seen it then you mean it

Then you know you have to go.

LGFG knows and has got the Tokyo style for you. 

Chad’s Executive Clothier is Aron Klassen.

The Corporate Jungle – the Black Panther

In the jungle, the Black Panther is as rare as it is stunning. It is typically thought of as a protective, strong and powerful creature. What really stands out is its cunningness to wait out its prey, then when the time is right striking swiftly and gracefully yet so mightily.

In the corporate jungle, people who display the qualities of the Panther are those who act with tact and grace while swiftly executing tasks, completing projects and constantly producing. Their contributions are instrumental and consistent so they fly under the radar. However, when it’s time to come up clutch, these individuals are big-time performers. Think Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League (NFL). These people go many yards for their organizations and can be counted on to come through in big moments.

It’s said that the most powerful form of communication available to humans is complete silence. Those with Panther qualities are known to be silent and have the strength to do so. Additionally, they rarely reveal too much about themselves. This adds to their dominant and powerful aura.

Put on your LGFG FASHION HOUSE suit and be the Panther.

The Corporate Wild – The Buffalo

In the wild, the mighty Buffalo/Bison is known for its resilience, courage, and ability to survive. In legends and folklore, the animal symbolizes manifestation, protection, creativity, and abundance.   

In the corporate world, a person displaying Buffalo qualities is one who goes through enormous distances, challenges, and obstacles but no matter what gets the job done. 

These individuals add tremendous value to an organization because they are dependable and consistent over long periods of time. This is the formula to abundance because great things take time to materialize coupled with a consistent and determined effort. 

For these reasons, people with Buffalo qualities are highly coveted and well compensated for their efforts. Think Kyle Okposo for the Buffalo Sabres or LeSean McCoy for the Buffalo Bills.

Put on your LGFG Fashion House suit and be the Buffalo.

The Corporate Wild – The Bear

Fashion and style is something one must always “Bear” in mind.  

An expert on the matter is preeminent fashion lawyer in the USA, Douglas Hand. His impressive repertoire includes Partner of Hand Baldachin & Associates LLP, member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and serving as an adjunct professor of Fashion Law at both New York University NYU and Yeshiva University

“Douglas is a rare animal, a man able to move as comfortably in New York fashion circles as he does in the more sober world of the law. That he can do that gives him an unparalleled platform from which to advise men on dressing for work to both fit in and stand out at the same time.” (Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director, Esquire magazine)

In the corporate world, another rare animal is the Bear. These are the people who are powerful, intelligent, adaptable and executing best when allowed to work on their own. The Bear is a staple in many success stories.

Speaking of stories, Douglas is the author of The Laws of Style: Sartorial Excellence for the Professional Gentleman.

The book provides clear rules for sartorial presentation through the very practical view of the office reality of the service professional (lawyer, banker, accountant, consultant).

Put on your LGFG suit and be the Bear. 

The Corporate Wild – The Eagle

What better way is there to start the week than with a reference to the legendary Pop group ABBA?

ABBA: the Eagle.

Flying high, high, I’m a bird in the sky (I’m an eagle)

I’m an eagle that rides on the breeze

High, high, what a feeling to fly (What a feeling)

Over mountains and forests and seas

And to go anywhere that I please.

In the corporate world, being an Eagle means you see the big picture and identify opportunities. You hone-in and perfectly time your strike. There is no hesitation, no questioning yourself and nothing holding you back. You are decisive and confident in your actions. You swoop in;  inking that new deal, landing a new account, signing a new client and so forth. 

You are perched on the principles of justice, vision, execution, and efficiency. With those qualities, you soar to great heights.

Put on your LGFG suit and be the Eagle.