Who doesn’t love some Metal to fire them up? Have you heard the song Sweet Cheetah by W.A.S.P.?

Like Metal music, Cheetas are fast, furious and full of adrenaline.

In the Jungle, the elegant beast can explode into action and close the distance on their prey in spectacular fashion.

In the Corporate Jungle, people who are Cheetas are flexible, dynamic and move fast. They really fight to win using every arsenal in their toolbox. They not only rely on their natural talents and training but also their well developed and hard-fought for psychological artillery. As a Cheetah, you have to win the race to the top, and while it’s never your first tool, you understand that you might just have to be a little more aggressive than usual today to push towards your vision because you were not only born to survive, but YOU were born to win.

Put on your LGFG Suit and be a Cheetah.