Last week LGFG FASHION HOUSE donated new uniform sets consisting of a polo + shorts/pants/skirt + white t-shirt to the students at Tagbaw Elementary School in the Philippines. A total of 91 students now have new uniforms thanks to LGFG Fashion House and our Executive Clothiers who made this possible through their hard work.

“We’re a bespoke clothing company, so it only makes sense that we would help with the ‘business suits’ for those who most need them; kids who need uniforms to go to school. I’m proud to wear LGFG Suits every day, and the confidence and pride of putting on a new suit as an adult cannot even come close to the joy of a new school uniform a child feels when they couldn’t have one previously. ” said CEO, of LGFG Fashion House, Dimitry Toukhcher

At LGFG Fashion House, our company takes great pride in philanthropy and giving back. We work with non-profits and charity foundations helping to raise funds for cancer research, scientific breakthroughs, and other important causes. All around the world we are determined to make a positive difference.