LGFG White Label

The LGFG White Label Collection is a collection devoted to custom suiting in the way the market has grown to adapt to custom suiting: cost effectiveness and ease of access to the mass market. LGFG uses high-quality materials, and a dedicated production line using 'high level' LGFG machinery, while focussing the bespoke processes to construct a suit renowned for its high quality production, blended with cost-effectiveness to compete with today's mass-market suiting space.

The LGFG White Label Collection Features:

  • Mass customization blending fit, style and cost effectiveness, utilizing some of LGFG's renowned proprietary bespoke processes
  • A broad selection of every-day, easy to wear cloth focused on performance and durability, in a variety of wools and technical blends, sourced from Europe and India
  • 12 lining colours from tonal to stunning and 6 button colours for ultimate personalization
  • Customer's name or initials individually embroidered into jacket
  • Custom construction utilizing 400 independent pattern operations to deliver astonishing fit
  • High-quality interlinings constructed in-house uniquely made for each customer rather than buying in premade bonded chest pieces
  • German Strobel machinery equipped with Swiss needles used for sewing
  • Ethical supply chain management with full transparency, including 'live stream' watch your suit being made online. In any one day up to 350 dedicated cutters, tailors, seamstresses, pressers, quality overseers and logistics dispatchers – all focused on quality and care
  • Independent machinery used for each operation, IE: Lapel-hole machine is separate from sleeve-button making machine ($25,000 machine, and we are equipped with 6 of them!)
  • Shirts are made with 12 stitches per cm, 50% above industry standard
  • Button loops added with 25% more twists to ensure durability - most companies operate at 8 cycles and we do 12
  • Constructed to uniquely blend customization and value

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