Marcel Lagin from Infor Global Solutions in Prague is all smiles in his new LGFG FASHION HOUSE bespoke dress shirt.

By dressing well you not only look stellar, but you also create a feedback loop in which other people continually affirm that you look good. This makes you feel even better, which makes you act with even more confidence, which makes other people respond even more positively, and so on and so forth.

Tie this into the law of attraction, where positive thoughts and feelings coupled with massive action attracts positive manifestations in life.

Just look at Marcel, he’s been with Infor since university and has been growing since. He now leads a team of 30 working in IT and travels to Germany to meet VPs of his company. With LGFG he looks the part and ready for even more growth and success.

Marcel’s LGFG Executive Clothier is Thisa Phan