LGFG is super proud of our team and we’re growing growing rapidly. There is a special person behind that – meet our in-house recruiter Erika Kazakov! She is the first to find and meet new candidates worldwide for LGFG!
Erika was born in Koenigsberg (as the city of Kaliningrad was once known), but spent the rest of her childhood in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently she is based in LGFG Tallinn office.

Although usually she is the one asking questions from the candidates, this time we asked some questions about her. Erika’s educational background is very interesting:
“After graduating from a Jewish Gymnasium in Estonia, I continued studying in Tallinn University (Degree in Arts and Social Sciences). Later on, while being on the 8th month of pregnancy, I finished master degree from Malmö University in Sweden (Communications).”

We were eager to know when did she become interested in style and fashion?

“I was probably 11 or 12. I realized that they way that people dressed was one of the strongest ways that we indicated our social status.” So young yet so correct about this one, wasn’t she?

So what about LGFG? Why did she decide to join LGFG?

“There are two things which matched my values: First, investing in yourself is one of the best returns
on investment you can have. Second, physical appearance does matter in building
relationships: people who are well put-together are more likely to become leaders, get better
opportunities, and attract other sharp people. LGFG has brought into my life highly intelligent people, along with their international experience and leadership.”

We also wanted to know what does this smart and stylish woman likes to do on her spare time?

“My spare time usually contains of me interacting with my two little monkeys (Oscar and Clea), reading books (that I have couple of hundred at home) and traveling. Whether it’s a long trip to South Africa or a short one to South of Estonia, does not matter.
Travel is enriching!“

And we couldn’t stop ourselves and had to ask her a little style advice. She says that her favourite suit is a classic white pant suit. But that’s not all:

“I think my fashion and shopping style actually mirrors my work style. I’m highly organized, push for quality, and respond to traditional power structures. I am living with the idea of minimalism (I literally have 29 pieces in my wardrobe), and it helps me achieve two things: 1) not spending my time on mix and matching the outfits – I have them laid out together on the hanger 2) focusing on my goals (rather on the things).”

And finally we asked her what does she thinks are important skills for being a great tailor?

“A successful clothier is supposed to be an individual with personality, strong character and above all, exceptional habits.”

So if you feel like you have all these skills and you’d be interested to work in LGFG Fashion House, then Erika is currently searching new clothiers in:

Hong Kong

Toronto, Canada 

Vilnius, Lithuania 

Prague, Czech Republic 

Montreal, Canada

Bratislava, Slovakia 

Calgary, Canada

Brussels, Belgium

E-mail your CV and cover letter to Erika: e.kazakov@lgfgfashionhouse.com