The LGFG FASHION HOUSE suit of the week honors goes to Bernhard M. S., Vice President Corporate Hotel Operations at MSC Cruises

He is looking stellar in his new LGFG Tokyo line suit. 

Bernhard’s Executive Clothier is Justas Valantinas

It is a known fact that being well dressed helps you make a better first impression.

This concept was demonstrated by three researchers from North East London Polytechnic.

They wanted to answer a basic question:

Does clothing influence first impressions?

To answer their question, they conducted a simple yet effective study:

An experimenter would approach individuals and ask them if they were willing to help them with an advertising survey. The experimenter wore two different outfits (one smartly dressed and one untidily dressed) and tracked the number of individuals who agreed or refused based on each outfit.

What they found was incredible:

– Older men agreed 23% more to a well-dressed man.

– Older women agreed 73% more to a well-dressed man.

– Younger women agreed 98% more to a well-dressed man. 

Judd, N., Bull, R., & Gahagan, D. (1975). The effects of clothing style upon the reactions of a stranger. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 3, 225-228.

Put on your LGFG suit and make a resounding impression.