Summer season is amazing in every way. It is an especially wonderful time of year for weddings. The ‘Suit of the Week’ honors goes to Joris Lemmens (pictured in the middle) looking phenomenal for his special day in his LGFG FASHION HOUSE, Venice line electric blue suit with fine dark blue stripes and double-breasted grey vest accentuated by dark blue stripes. His Executive Clothier is Joris Croenen who is pictured in the photo (on the right – looking at the photo) looking dapper in his three-piece, Tokyo line suit. The third gentleman (on the left) is also wearing his LGFG, Venice line suit. “Wedding suits are my favorite outfit to create. Being part of that special day as the best man is even better. All three suits were designed by LGFG Fashion House, with very personal details on all of them” said Joris Croenen. Who is tying the knot this Summer season? Tag them in the comments.