In the jungle, the Black Panther is as rare as it is stunning. It is typically thought of as a protective, strong and powerful creature. What really stands out is its cunningness to wait out its prey, then when the time is right striking swiftly and gracefully yet so mightily.

In the corporate jungle, people who display the qualities of the Panther are those who act with tact and grace while swiftly executing tasks, completing projects and constantly producing. Their contributions are instrumental and consistent so they fly under the radar. However, when it’s time to come up clutch, these individuals are big-time performers. Think Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League (NFL). These people go many yards for their organizations and can be counted on to come through in big moments.

It’s said that the most powerful form of communication available to humans is complete silence. Those with Panther qualities are known to be silent and have the strength to do so. Additionally, they rarely reveal too much about themselves. This adds to their dominant and powerful aura.

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